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Rana Goodman

By Favil West: (past president of SCA Board of Directors)

S & D (Trumpets) was successful in operating under their contract. A concerted effort by some of our more industrious idiots evicted them. S & D sued, won $500,000 and moved on. SCA paid about $70,000, our insurance paid part and DW paid the balance. Around $200,000. Then we had a series of people who inhabited our board that knew nothing about business in general and running restaurant in particular. So, as a board they couldn’t let them operate their business and all of those following S& D failed.

This group is no better and perhaps has set the record for stupid. Talking about assessing each owner $40 per year as well as putting in over $100,000 in our budget for the restaurant. I would love to be a negotiator against this board. I might not have mentioned that  I was chief negotiator for the pilots union, an airline, etc., etc., as well as the team leader here at SCA in first lease of Trumpets, Liberty Center, Independence Center, and the Foundation Building (Community Service building}

You may not be aware that the Association, at my insistence ran Buckman’s for 4 months before it was sold to Troon. We allowed breakfast and lunch at Buckman’s, and lunch and dinner at Trumpets.

Bob, Mike, and all the others who spoke negatively about S & D did not know what they were talking about. They never saw the books because they had no need for the truth as it would not serve their purpose. The SCA Board hired an independent auditor who went through the filings with the State. Their determination totally supported the reports submitted to our board. They had no interest in going to prison.

A restaurant might be successful if the board, the ace blogger, and a few of his constituents stayed out of the business of a restaurant.