• Shirley Otradovec, this is the text written by Mr. Stern of his actual complaint that was filed with the HOA.


  • Official Complaint Against David Berman

    Published with written permission of  Robert Stern

    To:       SCACAI:

    This is an official complaint against David Berman homeowner in SCACAI as he has violated as evidenced below and elsewhere in his journal (click more recent articles) to his claimed 4,000+ subscribers the Anti-Discrimination- Anti…[Read more]

  • A well written editorial Dick, thank you. One thing I found interesting under the topic of “pot calls the kettle black”…. It does not seem so long ago that David Berman wrote on his blog many times blasting you for requesting comments from your readers who were upset with an SCA club president’s post in the Spirit magazine…..

  •   Crossing the Line of Decency

    By: Dick Arendt


    I recently read a disturbing article on David’s Anthem Journal that should cause concern to any and all residents of Sun City Anthem.

    It appears that he has taken it upon himself to request correspondence from any and all residents who have received emails from Mr. Robert Stern, a m…[Read more]

  • Sign Me Confused!
    According to the City of Henderson Gaming Commission rules, the owner of a restaurant/bar must be the person that applies for a liquor license, which, says the City is what the board of directors (BOD) of Sun City Anthem (SCA) did as they prepare for the opening of the new Yorktown Grill.
    Now no issue there, the confusion c…[Read more]

  • What puzzles me even more is that once upon a time we had a liquor license and the then BOD when Vic’s was in the space was, (if I have been informed correctly,) “given” the license. If that is true, was it “given”, “sold” could it be that the city attorney has similar questions?

    And are we or are we not having gaming machines in the bar this…[Read more]

  • Subject: SCA Financial Projection Warning

    By: Robert Stern

    Fellow Homeowners

    By now you are aware that your 2023 main assessment is 25% higher than 2022. The CCNRS limit the increase to 20% but the $16.55/quarter overcharge is not worth the legal fight. 2023 is $1656. 2022 was$1324. 2024 and 2025 are likely to increase 20% max each year…[Read more]

  • As if 2020 and the problems that we dealt with during Covid 19 were not enough to raise our blood pressure and stress levels, we have obscene gas prices, groceries have risen considerably, utilities too. Many of our residents have lost a spouse leaving them with far less income and now, many homeowners will now be facing major obstacles paying…[Read more]

  • By Don ManningNeighborhood Watch Program –

    So far in 2022, Sun City Anthem has had 31 burglaries. At this rate, 2022 burglaries will be about 40% higher than the average for the years 2018-2021. We need to up our game, as many of these crimes could be prevented. Here are the three lessons learned from crimes that have…[Read more]

  • Sent via email by a resident who prefers her name not be used:

    We have recently been dealing with our own horrific experience with the Horizon Ridge Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center (HR Rehab) and weren’t sure who we should complain to about the place.  I can assure you, there is nothing “skilled” about the nursing at HR Rehab, nor is there…[Read more]

  • I am currently working on an investigative series regarding health facility issues, including assisted living, acute care, nursing homes and such. While I am putting this together, the following links were provided to me by the Dept. of Health & Human services. I am posting them in the event that you might have wondered where you can find…[Read more]


    By Robert Stern SCA resident

    In January 2020 SCA produced a Restaurant Business Plan for a self-managed restaurant and that evolved into Yorktown Grille via a contract with Western Hospitality.

    The original plan did not include any market research as to measure how many…[Read more]

  • Subject: acute care nursing homes

    Rana, I’m sorry for the tragic loss of your dear friend Patsy. My fiancee was in  Traditional Care (now Sandstone) on. S. Rainbow and W. Russell Rd. (a terrible facility) in January of 2022. He passed away on Feb. 10, 2022 in St. Rose Hospital San Marten Campus.

    He did not get good care at the rehab and the do…[Read more]


    Emailed in by: CJ Wisner

    Hi Rana,

    I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. What a sad thing to have happened. I have a story which came to mind about Sage Creek, but I do not remember all the details. I too had a bad experience with Sage Creek Rehab.

    In 2019, our 97 year old aunt was diagnosed with cancer at St. Rose Hospital. That is a…[Read more]

  • emailed in by L.P. (thank you for contributing)

    My sister was at Sage Creek

    Both she and I experienced problems.. Myself, because I stayed in touch with the facility and was very vocal.  Her room was dirty and I had to constantly pick up. Getting in touch with someone there was like asking to speak with the President of the United States.  T…[Read more]

  • Acute Care & Losing friends

    In 2003 after the loss of my dad, my mother and I opted to move into Sun City Anthem where we would share a new home. The joy we shared in that new home was dampened in 2005 when I lost my mother but, on the bright side, I began to socialize with the group of ladies in my “village” of Big Sky and became active in the…[Read more]

  • By: Robert Stern SCA Resident

    SCA PROPOSED 2023 ASSESSMENTS. On or about November 1st homeowners get the board approved 2023 Budget mailed to them. The board meets this week to approve it.

     I have pointed out to the Finance Committee personnel that the proposed 2023 $1656 main association assessment if implemented as proposed violates the…[Read more]

  • Don Manning  Don Manning author:

    The next Neighborhood Watch annual meeting will be on November 1  for the villages of Canyon Crest, Tall Mesa and Westridge.  As usual, it will be from 4:00 – 5:30 pm in the Delaware Room in Anthem Center.

    There will be a special Home Security presentation by HPD Officer Alex…[Read more]

  • Submitted by:  Becky Rose  Village Facilitator

    HPD has requested that we put out the following message to all residents of Sun City Anthem:

    If you see a white van like that shown on the right, or any other suspicious Van, cruising our neighborhood, IMMEDIATELY call the police at 311 and report what you have seen to the police d…[Read more]

  • I am shattered to share that my dear friend and neighbor of 18 years, Patsy McCarthy pasted away this morning, 10/14/2022 following back surgery after a fall. Patsy contracted an infection in the acute care facility she had been sent to for re-hap and sadly, was not able to over-come that.

    Patsy, who spent her working days in the Entertainment…[Read more]

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