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New Topics to Discuss
In this forum posts from our growing blog feature writers. Each topic posted will include the authors name and contact information.
Thoughts and commentary by Dan Roberts. No character assassination, no twisting of facts or mis-truths here- just information about our fantastic lives in Sun City Anthem… and perhaps a story or two about our residents. We look forward to hearing from YOU!
This forum will feature all the things you loved before, history, Las Vegas entertainment and much, much more. http://anthemopinions.blogspot.com/
This is the place if you are looking to share funny, cute animal videos, want to adopt, foster or share what is so special about your FUR baby.
Here club members can post upcoming events and make announcements.
Editorials by Rana Goodman
This topic will offer case histories of innocuous appearing symptoms which the average person may ignore. It will also highlight other health issues.
This forum will allow our members to post something original and creative such as a poem, a saying that was taught to them by a loved one such as a parent, or to quote someone else’s poem that might have made an impression on you providing you give the author credit for it.
Here feel free to note a birthday, anniversary or event that is fitting. Click ‘new topic’ at the top of the page then ‘submit’ at the bottom.
Have a question about your home, or need any help check with Mr. Fix-it, Forrest Fetherolf
Here we will post election news on the candidates as we receive it. If any readers wish to post questions to candidates and in return we receive responses you will find them in this forum.


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