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    Rana Goodman

    The question of attempting to have a restaurant in Sun City Anthem has popped up yet again….. On November 8 at 1:30 pm there will be a Town Hall meeting at Anthem Center where residents who are in favor, or NOT, can get their questions answered and can also learn just what “owned by SCA” means to we residents in terms of dollars and cents.

    The current plan, as I understand it, is to have Western Golf & Hospitality, the company that currently runs Buckman’s Restaurant, take over the management. What we don’t know is the cost to each homeowner and for how long is our commitment.  These are things that you can find out at the meeting on November 8th.

    As those of you that have lived in SCA for any length of time, are aware we have had many attempts at having a restaurant in Anthem Center and all have failed for one reason or another and the losses to the association were not something to sneeze at.

    The idea of “self-managed” has been tossed around for some time and yes, many residents submitted their opinion on a survey a few years ago…. The majority of those opinions were negative, but still there are some board members and residents that are still “kicking the can down the road,” one more time.

    My biggest issues with the idea of putting more “good money” at risk after the losses we have already had are these: restaurants and business all over the valley are going under since the Covid restrictions, loss of staff members and qualified help, and in our location, no public transportation to bring staff up here to work. As for clientele, we go to Buckman’s often and although the food is good, the restaurant inviting, and golfers are going in and out on a regular basis, I have never seen the place crowded or customers waiting.

    One of our bloggers always seems to take costs that will be passed along to we owners and lists them as “only $xxx.xx per household” . Some of us may be OK with that, but others are on fixed incomes and will not be happy with any added expenses right now on top of the increase from Anthem Council in order to, in my opinion, decimate our landscaping.

    Please mark the date and time and show up at Anthem Center to make your voices heard, pro or con….. Its time to stop kicking the restaurant can down the road!

    Rana Goodman

    Restaurant Workshop Questions: must be submitted in advance, ergo if you attend the meeting and you have questions at that time, those questions will NOT be answered at the meeting.
    Thank you for submitting your question for the SCA Restaurant Workshop. Questions received before November 8 at 11 a.m. will be asked at the meeting. Questions received after the deadline will be answered via email after the meeting.

    Tracking #


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    Email Address

    With all the competitors within 5-10 miles offering specials constantly, why would you even consider opening another restaurant. My understanding is SCA is 0-6 in the restaurant business? Doesn’t exactly put you in the restaurant HALL OF FAME!


    Rana Goodman

    By Favil West: (past president of SCA Board of Directors)

    S & D (Trumpets) was successful in operating under their contract. A concerted effort by some of our more industrious idiots evicted them. S & D sued, won $500,000 and moved on. SCA paid about $70,000, our insurance paid part and DW paid the balance. Around $200,000. Then we had a series of people who inhabited our board that knew nothing about business in general and running restaurant in particular. So, as a board they couldn’t let them operate their business and all of those following S& D failed.

    This group is no better and perhaps has set the record for stupid. Talking about assessing each owner $40 per year as well as putting in over $100,000 in our budget for the restaurant. I would love to be a negotiator against this board. I might not have mentioned that  I was chief negotiator for the pilots union, an airline, etc., etc., as well as the team leader here at SCA in first lease of Trumpets, Liberty Center, Independence Center, and the Foundation Building (Community Service building}

    You may not be aware that the Association, at my insistence ran Buckman’s for 4 months before it was sold to Troon. We allowed breakfast and lunch at Buckman’s, and lunch and dinner at Trumpets.

    Bob, Mike, and all the others who spoke negatively about S & D did not know what they were talking about. They never saw the books because they had no need for the truth as it would not serve their purpose. The SCA Board hired an independent auditor who went through the filings with the State. Their determination totally supported the reports submitted to our board. They had no interest in going to prison.

    A restaurant might be successful if the board, the ace blogger, and a few of his constituents stayed out of the business of a restaurant.

    Martin Winger

    I filled out the form:

    I said:  Why do we need another SCA restaurant when we have 40 neighborhood restaurants available?  This is all within a 4 mile area.

    Sorry  to sound like a broken record, but will we ever get a “Triple Net Lease” to protect the community members?  If we have lawyers on retainer, have them take an already made up form and use it to make the lease.

    Again: If getting to any restaurant, how do you get there…Uber (?), LYFT (?).

    Denise Bianca

    In this forum I guess our opinion will not be a popular one but here it goes…we have lived here since 2003. The original Trumpets was one of the things we truly enjoyed about this place. The view was incredible and the food and service was fantastic. The restaurant even made “The Best of Las Vegas” a couple of times.
    I appreciate Favil’s input clarifying some of the history. We would not be sad to have another spot in our beautiful Anthem Center to go for drinks and dinner.
    Personally things that have happened here in the last few years does little to return us to our former zeal for living here.


    We moved to SCA last year so we never saw a restaurant at the center. I am curious as to why the proposal calls for the Buckman’s folks to run it. Here are my questions:

    1. If one of the 2 restaurants (Buckman’s / SCA) is short staffed, are there assurances that staff won’t be pulled from the other location?
    2. Will the menus and pricing be different?
    3. Will SCA residents receive special pricing?
    4. Will the SCA restaurant be available to rent for special events?
    5. How will the success of the SCA restaurant be measured?
    6. If the restaurant does not meet financial goals, will SCA residents / HOA be responsible for making up shortfalls?

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