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I have known you since I moved into Sun City Anthem 14 ½ years ago.  You have always been fair-minded, honest, and have had the best interests of the homeowners in your decisions.  All one has to do is look at your long and determined work you did to change the laws in Nevada to expose the mega-scandal involving “professional guardians” who have destroyed the lives of seniors in order to take everything from them based on lies and manipulation.  Both you and I have had long experiences as presidents of other HOA’s and have never seen such corruption continually evolve before moving to this HOA.

Let’s look at the current board.  One individual communicated to you and said, “I have your back”.  In reality, this person forgot to say that a knife would be shoved in your back.  Another current board member who loves to do “research” forgot to look up the sordid past of the current attorney.  Just read the following:

A third current board member is totally incompetent to serve on any HOA board as demonstrated well before the last election and this person’s incompetence is now magnified by inappropriate outbursts against you.

A fourth board member has been a direct pipeline to the other blogger, has repeatedly told board members that this person’s background is superior in experience regarding HOA’s, has temper tantrums and is rude and crude.

A fifth board member, though highly intelligent, is nothing more than an appeaser, thus ineffective.

The sixth board member is quiet and probably will not run again, and also bought into the current attorney’s half-truths and interpretation of NRS to suit his own agenda involving SCA in the future.

These members of the current board have demonstrated how spineless they are, how easily intimidated they can be, and lack the common sense to remind the attorney that he works for us and not the reverse.  Obviously, none of them were able to “think out of the box” and check for veracity of what has been fed to them.

Then, you have the “the other blogger” who has an endless history of going after anyone who does not kiss his butt and agree with him, thus making them targets of his half-truths and lies.  He particularly targets women and you Rana, have been in his sights for years.

Lastly, if something does not change with a new election forthcoming, no honest and decent homeowner will want to run for the board and be subjected to what you Rana, have endured.  Then the other blogger will have free reign to push for his jaded and obnoxious underlings to run and win  seats on the new board.  If that occurs, you can kiss this community good-bye as we know it and it will go hell.  The values of our homes will plummet as well, especially if another restaurant is created on the financial backs of the homeowners and forces Buckman’s and the golf-course to close.

Rana, you and Dan have the wonderful future before you and you can achieve anything you both set your minds to.