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    Rana Goodman

    Owner’s note:  As the owner of Anthem Today and soon to be owner of Anthem Opinions, I thought it would be appropriate to place the below from my PILL (partner in love and life).

     Dan Roberts

     I most sincerely thank all residents, friends and neighbors that took the time to write to the Board on my behalf objecting to the sudden reorganization of board officers.

    The result of this action may have removed me from the presidency (with just seven months remaining of my Board term), it did not however slow my determination to maintain a voice for all residents of SCA and all seniors in my travels to the  state legislature on matters of concern, i.e. veteran, estate planning, guardianship, HOA reform and such.

    Your heartfelt words meant the world to me and I will never forget your kindness.

     Rana Goodman


    Directors of Sun City Anthem,

    Let me make clear that I recognize that the Board has the right to reorganize at any time. It is the underhanded and secretive way that this Board has conducted itself which is the cause of this letter.

    I first want to unconditionally reiterate that I have not, in anyway, caused any breach of my “fiduciary duties” to Sun City Anthem residents.

    The Board’s action and its so-call legal reasoning is based on something that

    1. I did not do, and
    2. At best, a threat of a speculative future action by a SCA club, and,
    3. An assumption that our insurance coverage would no longer exist.

     Even worse, through a shameless Board authorized “cease & desist” letter, should I choose to defend myself, this Board’s position is that by doing so, I breach “confidentiality and good faith” requirements.

    To compound matters, the allegation that I breached “confidentiality” at the recent Executive Session by telling Dan that he cannot talk belies the fact that Sandy specifically advised that he could attend. Dan changed his schedule and plans to be present only for me to be told by counsel that it is forbidden.

    And when I suggested to have Dan discuss the situation AFTER the executive session ended, my offer was ignored.

    To top it off, at the Board meeting, I had to listen to Paul tell residents who questioned the reorganization (Paraphrasing) that “After what she has done, we had no choice.”

    Unfortunately, the straw that broke THIS camel’s back was the 2nd reprehensible statement by Paul. By questioning my friends (and ignoring the “friendship” that certain members have with a dishonorable and mean-spirited resident), he had the audacity to claim that if “only residents knew what she did”- but alas, he could not elaborate since he is bound by confidentiality.

    I will eventually make clear to residents that this Board (and its counsel) had the wrong “C” word. It’s not “Confidentially” but rather “Cowardice.”

    I will however remain sorry that the dreams of this new Board to work together and our pledges of transparency to SCA residents – something that has not existed for many years – could not be achieved.

    Due to all of the above, I no longer have faith, respect or trust in my fellow Board members to do the right thing for Sun City Anthem and its residents. Accordingly, effective immediately I hereby resign from the SCA Board of Directors.

     Rana Goodman

    Bernie H.

    Rana,  I am deeply sorry to read this for you have been so much with the prior board members and of course the horrific pressure Covid-19 put upon every director and the entire community.  I know you also have had to deal with the health issue and hope your recovery is quick and perfect.   You have such a heart for serving others and I hope the acts of a few over the top residents do not slow you down on enjoying your life and finding other ways to serve.  My best wishes and I look forward to seeing you around though I too have my story as you well know.


    To Rana and Dan,

    First let me say you both have my support and confidence. The previous post by a Bernie H. seems incoherent and off the point. Yes, we all have a “story”, yet it is not the issue or purpose at hand. This Board of SCA that promised transparency, communication and honesty has become a pathetic group of “scared” fools without integrity or purpose.

    perlstein is a joke and failure and hasn’t earned the right to suggest anything about Ms. Goodman; further his only purpose was the restaurant survey, “hell of a job so far”!

    The remaining Board of pope, quinn, hadrick, Linow and anderson are truly inept and have not seriously done their job or even attempted to keep their promises as they suggested when they ran for office.

    Rana, you don’t deserve or need this group and they certainly don’t deserve you. Be assured you are better off disassociated from this “pack” of misfits.

    I look forward to your extended remarks and I wish you and Dan success and good health. Finally, I look forward to Dan’s approach and success with his new blogs to add to his “ communication” empire.

    Peter Brown



    I find the way this ‘board’ (sic) has behaved/maneuvered is an awful embarrassment to SCA and  the (mostly) intelligent members of our community.   How pope and perlstein were ever elected is beyond me….I attended ONE board meeting in person and watched both of them show their complete stupidity and ineptness in real time.  (While they are the most obvious misfits on the board, they are not the only ones!)  The best hope for the community is that elections come on a regular basis presenting the electorate an opportunity to reverse the mistakes of the previous election.  WE CAN ONLY HOPE.   Thanks for the service you DID provide.

    Greg Behrendt



    Thank you for all you do.  If more people had your wonderful qualities and spirit the community (and indeed the whole world) would be a much better place.




    Al Gettier

    Thank you for everything you have done.



    I have known you since I moved into Sun City Anthem 14 ½ years ago.  You have always been fair-minded, honest, and have had the best interests of the homeowners in your decisions.  All one has to do is look at your long and determined work you did to change the laws in Nevada to expose the mega-scandal involving “professional guardians” who have destroyed the lives of seniors in order to take everything from them based on lies and manipulation.  Both you and I have had long experiences as presidents of other HOA’s and have never seen such corruption continually evolve before moving to this HOA.

    Let’s look at the current board.  One individual communicated to you and said, “I have your back”.  In reality, this person forgot to say that a knife would be shoved in your back.  Another current board member who loves to do “research” forgot to look up the sordid past of the current attorney.  Just read the following:

    A third current board member is totally incompetent to serve on any HOA board as demonstrated well before the last election and this person’s incompetence is now magnified by inappropriate outbursts against you.

    A fourth board member has been a direct pipeline to the other blogger, has repeatedly told board members that this person’s background is superior in experience regarding HOA’s, has temper tantrums and is rude and crude.

    A fifth board member, though highly intelligent, is nothing more than an appeaser, thus ineffective.

    The sixth board member is quiet and probably will not run again, and also bought into the current attorney’s half-truths and interpretation of NRS to suit his own agenda involving SCA in the future.

    These members of the current board have demonstrated how spineless they are, how easily intimidated they can be, and lack the common sense to remind the attorney that he works for us and not the reverse.  Obviously, none of them were able to “think out of the box” and check for veracity of what has been fed to them.

    Then, you have the “the other blogger” who has an endless history of going after anyone who does not kiss his butt and agree with him, thus making them targets of his half-truths and lies.  He particularly targets women and you Rana, have been in his sights for years.

    Lastly, if something does not change with a new election forthcoming, no honest and decent homeowner will want to run for the board and be subjected to what you Rana, have endured.  Then the other blogger will have free reign to push for his jaded and obnoxious underlings to run and win  seats on the new board.  If that occurs, you can kiss this community good-bye as we know it and it will go hell.  The values of our homes will plummet as well, especially if another restaurant is created on the financial backs of the homeowners and forces Buckman’s and the golf-course to close.

    Rana, you and Dan have the wonderful future before you and you can achieve anything you both set your minds to.

    Martin Winger

    Bottom line (for me) is that after all these years you have always done the right thing and I cannot find a reason to expect otherwise.  No doubt you probably need a break so enjoy it while you can!

    Otherwise “Fagetaboutit!”



    Beverly Ahern

    My husband and I have lived in SCA since November 2019. We are trying to understand  what is going with the board. Rana, everything we know about you and the work you’ve done is very positive. We are sorry you felt compelled to resign. we are concerned about the future of SCA.

    Rana Goodman


    I’m sorry too but when a board is mandated to refer to “experts”, and when those experts become pushy in getting those paying for the service to follow those recommendations, it is important to “trust but verify.” If  no one has the stones to “verify” it is time to move out of the way and let the “train wreck happen. In this instance, it became JUMP fast.


    Is it possible for some ranting fool to ever shut his mouth? This community should be so disgusted with his behavior over the years that I’m surprised that nobody has taken the opportunity to confront him and shut it for him.

    I think it’s well-known that if corruption is ever a topic at hand that lunatic has always had something to do with it. He knows nothing of decency toward his fellow man. This time he has crossed the line to try and destroy an individual who is loved and admired by the entire community.

    There is a little doubt any longer than any individual who pays any attention to this raving maniac in any way, is nothing other than one himself.

    Martin Winger


    Dick Arendt.

    Once again our community and neighborhood pariah (as described by the dictionary) says OUR:

    pa·ri·ah    /pəˈrīə/   noun

    an outcast.
    he is treated as a social “pariah”

    outcast, persona non grata, leper, reject, untouchable, undesirable, unperson.

    He has proven his unworthiness as (inappropriate, ineligible, shameful, undeserving, unfit, unsuitable, base, beneath, blamable, contemptible, degrading, disgraceful, dishonorable, disreputable, good-for-nothing, ignoble, improper, inexcusable, no-account, no-good, not deserving, not fit, not good enough, , nothing, offensive, out of place, recreant, miscreant, reprehensible, unbecoming, unbefitting, unmerited, unseemly, valueless, vile, wretched SELF.

    As we look at his followers we see the usual few as in what we are seeing in this election cycle where one candidate has tens of thousands of followers, and the other 25 people tops at any given rally.  Are these few as sick too?


    Why has he done them for the countless times and never gets a decent result?

    Obviously his aggression comes from a perverted mind.

    We quite frankly are both tired and sick of this creature.  Maybe every community needs a being like this to remind us of what exists in the world to be aware and not put our guard down.

    In any event we wish he’d find so remorse and just quit bothering us with anything that pertains to his demands.  He just never seem to offer any good long term results for this community.

    Elizabeth Breier


    For your sake, I am glad you are done with the untrustworthy and over-inflated egos on the Board and it’s hired professionals.  For selfish reasons, I am sorry that the residents have lost your kindness, dedication and rational thinking as our voice.


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