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Karie H

So, if I read Elyssa’s reply correctly, it’s the flag that is put into the ” flag holder”  that may be the United States flag, other patriotic flags, or flags appropriate for holidays.  Doesn’t say I can’t hang a Vegas Knights flag from one of my recently installed TREES, does it?????

I guess the definition of “Other Patriotic Flags” needs to be better defined, because I could only think of a few (i.e. POW-MIA, USMC, USN, etc.) that I would personally consider being “patriotic” in nature.  But if I were from another country, (as was stated by another reader), based on the currently vague definition, I would be permitted to fly the flag of my country (in my house’s flag holder) because I was, by definition of patriotic, showing a “respect for the country’s flag, a desire to see my nation succeed, and a deep, abiding love of my country”.

If you whittle that definition down to a more local level, wouldn’t supporting any of the local teams also be a patriotic gesture??   Ask any member of the Chicago Club whether they’re okay with not being able to fly a Cubs or White Sox flag during baseball season–the flag police would have to write a lot of violation letters.

I think this “rule” needs to go back to the drawing board.