• Patsy, the information was sent on November 6, 2018 under From “Sun City Anthem” with the topic “SCA Opinion Poll” .   Coincidentally, on October 24th, I received a Test message from the AssociationVoice.com which is apparently how the eblasts get sent out.  You may want to call Andrew Leary (702-614-5873) to see why you aren’t getting timely information.

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  • So, if I read Elyssa’s reply correctly, it’s the flag that is put into the ” flag holder”  that may be the United States flag, other patriotic flags, or flags appropriate for holidays.  Doesn’t say I can’t hang a Vegas Knights flag from one of my recently installed TREES, does it?????

    I guess the definition of “Other Patriotic Flags” needs to be…[Read more]

    • Karie: Dan (Roberts) feels the same about his Giants flag, even if they do seem to be having a bad streak.. He is still devoted to them…

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