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Amen to that, Patsy.

Sun City Anthem has always been “colorblind” until the element of racism was introduced via James Coleman and David Berman.

A private email was not returned for one reason…it was DISGUSTING to even consider such a ridiculous accusation as a result of missing one word in the title of a Sun City Anthem Club…

…and oh so typical of one individual who has demonstrated he will stop at NOTHING to destroy the character of anyone.

What Coleman never understood was my attempt to NOT ALLOW HIM TO MAKE AN ASS OF HIMSELF, yet in his infinite wisdom, his “need” for some kind of childish revenge drove him to a person WHO WOULD.

You see, Mr. Coleman, YOU WERE PLAYED, but obviously your dedication to dividing a community with racial tones, overrode your ability to see it.

Is this the first time, that supposed “reporter” would commit such an HEINOUS act?

Of course not.

Remember the “fake” petition that included 8 names to remove Rana Goodman from the Senior Citizen’s Advisory Commission and the influence that man had to disallow her the opportunity to be on the Lifestyle Committee?

This…to the woman who almost highhandedly worked her butt off to revise guardianship laws in Nevada !

Remember the Woodchips suicide that the reporter MANIAC made every attempt to blame…because of the members just happened to be running for the Board?

How about the calling of Forrest Fetherolf a “clown” and “slippery” while our new president , Bob Burch, HAS CALLED HIM FOR HOME REPAIR ASSISTANCE on more than one occasion?

How do you spell “H Y P O C R I TE”  ????

But to have a member of the Sun City Anthem Board support a man whose integrity was LOST when his illegal forgery and fraud background was well known, and  then sending that same DEFAMATORY email to  him which in his DISTORTED MIND, took it upon himself to PUBLISH IT, asking to SEND IT TO OTHERS, displays LOW CLASS..on both their parts.

To even suggest that missing word involved “ethnicity” was something Anthem Opinions made every attempt to avoid until Coleman insisted on making a public UNPROFESSIONAL DISPLAY at an official Sun City Anthem Board meeting.

It was something that in my opinion, EVERY PERSON OF EVERY RACE, should object to, and NOT BE A PART OF SUN CITY ANTHEM in any way.

Just remember, it was JAMES COLEMAN and DAVID BERMAN, in tandem with each other, who introduced that UGLY WORD to our community, NOT ONE of them, but BOTH OF THEM.

And for that, BOTH should thoroughly be ashamed of themselves.

Now you know WHY nothing was ever responded, and NOTHING EVER WILL BE.

I have NO RESPECT for any person who would introduce RACISM to our community, and even LESS RESPECT for those who would look FOR GUIDANCE from ANY PERSON who WOULD.

Anthem Opinions has, and always will, ignore any person who in any way would do so.