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    Rana Goodman


    By: Robert Stern

    Two years ago I was victimized by SCA management and that board as my due process rights were violated. It was during the Covid period and I was helping a friend in the party bridge club bring attention to the fact that SCA management was not enforcing their own mandates and theoretically putting homeowners at risk. My friend was really concerned about folks health and trying to protect them.

    I am assertive and outspoken and management wanted to shut me up about pointing out their failures as I was seeking compliance. Management weaponized the SCA lawyer and the arrogant board came after me with truly false charges and I was summoned to a hearing and experienced a kangaroo court presided over by current President Steve Anderson. My due process rights were absolutely violated. They said I was smart and their due process violations didn’t matter because I probably already knew my rights. That arrogance and pure disrespect were on full display. My rights were violated. One of the board members was caught for witness tampering. No consequences. I kid you not. After researching the open records I discovered several previous offenders of such alleged charges. They were all fined $100.

    I offered to pay the $100 fine to make it all go away and move on. But they rejected my offer. They were out for their pound of flesh. They got it. They found me guilty and suspended my access for 30 days to pickleball and all other facilities. I appealed and they simply ignored the facts and the law. It was unjust. So what’s a guy to do? I am assertive and outspoken. I wanted to hold them accountable. That was so wrong. I wanted justice and I wanted SCA to be administered fairly in accordance with Nevada law and our governing documents. It was pure tyranny and what about those homeowners that weren’t as knowledgeable, resourceful and with the will to fight? Someone had to fight for change. I put my money where my mouth was.

    I began to investigate management and the board’s records both administratively and financially as my career was filled with administrative and financial executive jobs in Hollywood. I discovered that there were other victims of their administrative abuse of process. As I took my grievances public more and more homeowners emerged that were also victimized as the weaponized counsel was busy earning fees.

    Because of my financial training( CPA,CFO) I took a look at SCA operations and results. Later in my career I owned and operated Cash Flow Solutions , Inc dedicated to assisting businesses as a consultant company identifying weak operational spots leading to recommendations to improve profitability and cash flow. I did that very successfully for 10 years in the Los Angeles area.

    My conclusions looking at SCA were that there was systemic abuse of process and incompetence and a management making big bucks who wasn’t qualified to oversee operational control. The cost overruns and contract mismanagement were on full display. Hundreds of thousands of dollars. The ap NEXTDOOR is filled with homeowners asserting the need for change.

    My conclusions led me to make a choice to get involved in the 2023 Board Election as part of a two year plan to get a new board majority elected that would better serve the best interests of homeowners administratively and financially. Getting honest and competent people to serve was the answer.

    In 2023 I organized homeowners to work the election to get two independent homeowners elected while defeating two incumbent board members, including the one guilty of witness tampering, and both were part of the kangaroo court. There was some justice as the incumbents were soundly defeated but the job wasn’t done. Those volunteers who met at my home and became committed to the cause deserve so much credit as they got their friends and neighbors to vote. The were precinct captains and did an outstanding job. We are better off today due to their efforts and poised to finish the job.

    Here we are in year two of the plan and on the cusp of electing more independent and competent homeowners to create that new board majority. Three board seats are on the 2024 ballot and three candidates have emerged who if elected will join with the two 2023 elected independent board members as a new board majority to restore fiscal sanity, eliminate the weaponized counsel and replace an incompetent and overpaid management, Chief Operating Officer. I urge you to join with me and the brigade of volunteers to get out the vote. We need your help to get out the vote supporting the three candidates. I will announce the three that all of us will be supporting after the MEET AND GREET IN EARLY MARCH and if elected will ensure the new board majority that will give us fundamental governance change. was created late in 2023 to inform you about the issues in this quest for better financial and administrative governance. Thank you for all your comments. The pocketbook you save will be your own.

    The ballots come out March 22 and again in March you will hear from me encouraging you to vote for the 3 identified candidates who if elected will best serve meeting our goals.

    SCA deserves better. We deserve better. You deserve better. With your help it will get better. Elections matter.

    Until next time…Robert

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