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    Rana Goodman

    Secure Your Home for Summer Travel!

    Submitted by Don Manning

    Planning a getaway is great fun. Be sure to take time to plan how you will secure your home while you are away. You may be vacationing, but criminals never take a vacation.

    Take these steps to secure your home while you are away:

    • Have someone check on your house, such as a trusted neighbor or your Neighborhood Watch block captain. Give them a phone number to contact in an emergency. Have them watch out for signs that nobody is home (newspapers, flyers, etc.). Fill out your “Safety Diamond” with your
    • The SCA Community Patrol can do a vacation check. Be sure you are in the SCACP Reverse Directory (702-614-6751) so they can contact you if a problem develops.
    • Give the appearance that your house is lived in, use light timers, have radio or TV playing, have motion activated outdoor lights. Maybe have a motion-sensing dog

    ·          Install video surveillance, a proven crime deterrent. You can view and answer your video doorbell while you’re away and indicate to potential burglars that someone is home. Interior video surveillance can alert you of an intrusion so you can call HPD.

    • HPD Emergency Number if you are away: The HPD has a 10-digit emergency number (866-473-4911) which you can call if you are out of town and observe an in-progress break- in at your property.  This can be used in place of 911 for emergency use only.
    • Secure your doors: Most home break-ins occur at the front and rear doors. Secure sliding doors (locked, door pin, drop bar, PVC pipe in track in track, anti-lift block, security film). Front doors need a door jammer or security bar, 3” screws in strike plates. For double doors, have two door jammers or a chain around the two interior handles. Consider installing security screen doors. And don’t forget the doggie doors.
    • Windows can be a point of entry for burglars, so confirm they are well secured: locked, with a drop bar in the track (horizontal and vertical) and anti-lift stops. Glass security laminates are
    • Lighting: Henderson Police Department advises that lighting is the number one deterrent

    Be sure to have your property lighted and use light timers inside.

    • Remember to activate your home alarm.
    • Don’t publicize that you will be away on social media or to others. Post your vacation photos when you are safe back home.

    ·    High value items: Remove them from the house or stash your valuables in a secure safe or hide them in a non-obvious place (e.g., in a cereal box or coffee can).

    • Turn off water supply to house (but not the drip system). Consult a knowledgeable person about precautions to take
    • Padlock any
    • Disable the garage door remote system, lock the garage entry door to the home You can secure the garage door by unplugging the operator.

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