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Rich wohlford

While I agree that our beloved Anthems landscaping  is changing and to some not for the better we must keep in mind why and what will be in the future.

While I love the green of landscapes covered in rich green grasses and abundant trees they are not native to this desert environment in which we live. I would venture to guess that most residents once lived in parts of this country which had copious amounts of rainfall each year.

When we arrived here some ten years ago we too were struck by the amount of greenery. It was just eye catching. Then after we settled into our new lifestyle we got our water bills. As concerned citizens we adapted to the new environment and when plants died either replaced them with native life of just didn’t.

I agree that we have seen many dead plants and trees along the roadways here in Anthem. We had pine trees behind us which were dying and when reported we were told would be removed, and then told they would not be removed and than were finally removed. I don’t blame the landscaping company for this I place the blame solely on our HOA administration.

Let’s keep in mind that the landscapers are contracted to maintain the property as is. Changes such as removal and replacement of plants must be approved by the HOA administration as additional costs are involved which are not necessarily under an existing contract.

As good stewards of the land around us we as residents need to ensure we let our Association know of problems we see in our daily travels about the HOA area.

Keeping in mind that the restoration of the land to native species around our HOA is a requirement of state law to save water (Our most valuable asset). New planting may seem to be sparse, but given time will fill in areas currently bare and will as shown save millions of gallons of water.

Yes when we relocated to Anthem it was green and beautiful as where we once lived, but we now live in the desert and our expectations need to evolve to embrace the desert as our new home with an intrinsic Beauty of its own.