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James N Mayfield

Stern’s website is nothing more than a platform for his personal, sometimes uniformed views.  Plus it does not easily allow allow readers to post comments on it.

As an example of his uniformed views is his discussion on reserves.

Opinions about the level of reserve funds often ignore the purpose of reserved funds. The purpose of reserves funds is to insure that funds will be available to fund the repair, update and replace of assets in the reserve asset base. Contributions to reserve funds should provide that current home owners contribute amounts needed to repair, update and replace the portion of reserve assets due to deterioration and obsolescence that occurs during their annual periods of ownership.

The SCA Board (not the attorney, the reserve specialist, nor the CAM) should set policies and annual contributions
to insure that owners are not charge too much or too little to accomplish the above purposes. Allowing the percent of funding of reserves to fluctuate within a conservative range, established by Board policy, is consistent with the requirements of NRS 116. The range of percent of funding that is nationally recognized is >80% and <95%.

His comments about the current Board’s blind abdication of its authority to management and expert advisors is spot on. So is his comment on the Board members now serving as de facto employees of the “COO” and exercising insufficient oversight of her performance that represents the best interests of SCA HOMEOWNERS . The solution to many of SCA’s problems is to insure that candidates for the Board have experience in governance, not management, and that time requirements for a Board member reflect governance, not management, duties.