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Rana Goodman

Mr. Westra and anyone else with the same or similar thoughts/questions on this: The asset enhancement fee is a percentage of the price an owner in SCA sells their home for. It went to different “wants” and needs for replacing things etc. over time. The $700 in fees one would guess cover the document costs but since we now live in a digital worlds, it seems to me these documents could be generated in the computer by plugging in the name of the new owners etc. and printing it out. I still cannot justify in my mind a total of $700.

The document request is available to all owners on request if you want to learn more about the asset enhancement fee, just ask for it from management.

I agree with the sound system needing an up-grade, I just don’t agree with purchasing all the ‘wants” or “needs” at the same time. I “wanted” a new fridge, dishwasher and microwave but I didn’t buy them all at once…. I wanted pavers in my driveway and back yard but I chose to get it done when little else was “one my plate.”

I would add up the major expenditures from the HOA this year and last,  but I’m afraid it would put me in a state of shock, so I’ll end my rebuttal here.  Have a great weekend!