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Rana,I am in agreement with you with the exception of Richard Pope.

No one is perfect, and people make mistakes, but over the last year I have watched Mr. Pope put in 60-80 hours a week as a dedicated Board member in a way that the good of the community was always first, at the expense of sacrificing so much of his personal retirement years.He is an experienced and successful business individual whose expertise is needed in our community, and his “youth” is something that SCA needs to guide it in the future.  

This should not be a popularity contest; this should be one where competence must prevail.

Many of us have to realize that the aging process has positives and negatives.  It values the past, but is limited in its ability to control the future. 

Richard Pope and those like him are the future of Sun City Anthem.   His kind must be maintained, and if we cling to the past, as time makes all of us less effective in our decision making ability,  more then ever, we will need successors with common sense and experience.

It is for that reason, the future and the ability to adapt to it, that makes Richard Pope’s continuing to be a part of the Sun City Anthem Board of Directors, a must in my estimation.

Add Forrest Fetherolf’s community spirit and his daily helping so many residents in his “Mr. Fix-It” role, to his immense knowledge of the construction industry, combined with the compassion and understanding Steve Anderson demonstrates with his sense of community, I believe that with this trio,  we would have a well run and happy community that would thrive in the years to come.