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Rana Goodman

Good morning Steve,

First of all I would like to thank you for your in-depth reply to questions we have had here on Anthem Today. It is a first for board interaction with a private blog and it is sincerely appreciated ever if our view points are quite different.

Let me rebut the Adam Clarkson issue first;  You felt he didn’t try to control the board… Let us hope then that he no longer tells the board to “distance themselves” from another board member because they have the gall to disagree with him, in the not so distant past the board followed that edict like sheep.

On to the barren median and weed issue. Why do some of the trees now have a red or green band ties around them. If the reason is “line of sight” rather than remove them, they should be regularly pruned from the bottom up. No one looks to the top of a tree to see on-coming traffic. The blossoming trees as one enters MY village has a green ribbon on it, I hope removal is not planned, as it is always beautiful come spring. Where as the pine trees have red ribbons in the median of Anthem Parkway look sick and might need to be replaced.

You don’t seem to think we have any leverage over Anthem Council using a snail’s pace to replace the ground cover. Since SCA pays more than 50% of the upkeep dollars, I believe we have a lot of clout. The law allows a tenant to withhold rent if the landlord doesn’t repair issues… I see a similar thing between AC and SCA. Taking care of the many weeds and replacing or trimming tall ground cover with low lying vegetation should be quick, low cost and simple. One does not expect to see such un-cared for areas of landscape in a community like ours, frankly I personally find it appalling, more so after returning from the Sun City Summerlin areas.

I will be taking photographs of the weeds, empty areas of landscape etc. and forwarding them to the board and our AC reps in the next few days, it will be interesting to see if anything is done to correct it. Heck it has only been about ten years that I personally have been ranting about this issue only to have the complaints fall totally on deaf ears. I think it is high time that we elect rather than appoint our two representatives to Anthem Council, maybe then we might see a little change.