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Rana Goodman

Comment 2/11/21


So?  What if a candidate refuses to be vetted by the SCA attorney?  Can my attorney vet the existing board members since the were never vetted by SCA counsel?

What a croc!!  Can a candidate be kept off the ballot for refusal to answer questions of Counsel? Perhaps a law suit should be filed to reign in those who fear from the responsibility of their actions…
Spending frivolous dollars to seemingly try to cover their asses in case some future board member goes off his rocker or is a deceiver…Perhaps vetting by A psychiatrist would be more appropriate…

All joking aside…It’s like the fox guarding the hen house, like; “you really need to follow my rulings if you want to be an acceptable board member” Or any other innuendo you want to take from the vetting…

SCA owner past 17 years…


Why does it require an expensive attorney to “vet” an applicant for a BOD position? When did they change the rules to make that a requirement, and should that require a vote?

How many billable hours does the attorney estimate it will take to vet each and every candidate? IMHO it would be more practical and money smart to set standards and then have a private investigator or trustworthy person check the biggest vote getter prior to appointment. A PI or background research company would be MUCH LESS per hour than an attorney PLUS the Board attorney should not be used due to potential conflict of interest.

Gary K.


UNBELIEVABLE! They WANT TO “VET” candidates?  Interesting. And yet, renter move in and out of community, Do they “VET” them?  Apparently not, as I live next door to one of those homes that has a revolving door. We have an on sight mgr that makes a ridiculous amount of $$$, can’t imagine what the other “staffers” make.   They do virtually nothing as far as I am concerned.  Just voicing my opinion