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    The Audit Committee is not the only committee that doesn’t provide updates in the Spirit. Both the Covenants and ARC Committees don’t provide updates in the Spirit.

  • I’m confused.  Is Mr. Stern making a public outcry/complaint or is this a copy of a complaint he submitted to the HOA?  It is every resident’s right to file a complaint with the HOA office; and that complaint will be processed within the violation policy if substantiated.  So, what exactly is this?

  • I, too, dislike the community garage sales taking place in driveways within neighborhoods.  It lowers the overall exclusivity of our community and creates the situation of outsiders cruising through our streets and parking density during the events.  I don’t understand why we cannot return to the parking lot sale, done annually.

  • Please check with James Artega.  Its my understanding that there are now 5 or so alternatives to the steel mesh screening that you mention.  I’m pretty sure the HOA office has a display board of several screening choices; with a couple of selections not too dissimilar (but heavier) to the light weight wire rabbit protection screening used for pla…[Read more]

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