• My first reaction to the Anti-Harassment / Anti-Discrimination Policy was that I did not like it either.  After researching the subject with other HOAs, I don’t think it is quite that simple.

    There are some relatively new HUD (Housing and Urban Development) anti-harassment and anti-discrimination rules that went into effect October 2016 which si…[Read more]

  • Rana, your example, and the example by Richard Berman, are good examples where unreasonable rules needed to be fixed.  So the problem may not be bad lawyer advice, but the draconian enforcement of unreasonable rules.  If I understand how SCA works, the board can fix unreasonable rules and the ARC enforces those rules.

  • Although I respect Rana’s opinion, in my opinion SCA got good legal advice.  I am a lawyer from Washington. We recently bought a home in SCA.  Below is my perspective as a Washington lawyer.

    In Washington, part of my law practice was representing HOAs. Some HOA disputes involved rules violations.  A frequent defense by a person cited with a ru…[Read more]

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