• Ah, pretty much as expected, “Dick,” you refuse to answer the very same questions  you posed.  Which pretty much does answer them for us, so now we know exactly what you are.  I never called you a racist, “Dick.”  But there’s plenty else far worse than that when talking about treason against the United States by an insurrection ignited by your Gre…[Read more]

  • I have to admit, “Dick,” you’ve made me rethink my assumptions.  So I’m going to adopt your thinking, as follows.


    You wrote:


    “Stop beating around the bush and answer the questions. Do you agree or disagree with that tweet?  It’s real simple question you seem to avoid.  A simple “yes” or “no” answer will more than suffice.”


    So…[Read more]

  • “Dick”… I thought I’d made it clear that I felt the effort to suggest that people like me are unpatriotic or don’t honor the American flag was nonsense, but apparently my saying that isn’t enough to convince you of it.  Trying to get words through that thick skull seems to be an endlessly-frustrating exercise.  Clearly, in answer to your repeated…[Read more]

  • Oh, I forgot “Dick”… you won’t lower yourself to calling people names? So when you call others “Socialists” you are saying it as a compliment, right?  Not in any way meant as an attack or term of disparagement?  I’m sorry, I apologize for thinking you meant it as an insult.

  • You’re right, “Dick”… if you don’t know the difference between socialism as an economic system and any political system, then yes, you ARE an idiot, and my saying so merely states the obvious.  Socialism is NOT a political system.  You keep saying that it is.  That’s stupid, ignorant, and downright dumb.  Do your research.  What you do seem to e…[Read more]

  • Another response to “Dick” who has posted a very lengthy screed about the perils of Black Lives Matter, and refers us to their website, which he claims to quote verbatim.  Well, “Dick,” please tell us where you found this on their site:


    “Within the body of their objectives,  Black Lives Matter has made it clear that, as an organization…[Read more]

  • “Dick”… thank you for proving my point.  “Socialist organization”?  Do I believe the flag is a symbol of hatred?  Do I believe that those who love and display the symbol of America are racists?  How utterly ridiculous and perfectly in sync with the nonsense spewed forth by the right wing media machine to an audience only too willing to swallow ev…[Read more]

  • I am constantly astonished at how some people (in this case, Neal Graham) are so eager to question the loyalty and patriotism of any American who does not march in lock step with his brand of politics.  Calling anyone who disagrees with you a “Socialist” and disloyal to our country is not only rude, it is vicious and reflects the “my way or the hi…[Read more]

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