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    <h4>Our entire “crew” at Anthem Opinions wish you and all the other moms…a sincere thanks for giving us every breath we take.</h4>
    Dick Arendt

  • This latest comment from David Berman should be looked at by Sun City Anthem residents as just another disgusting attack on those who have looked at the destruction he has caused the community for years.

    “Aside from noting that Mr. Johnson’s article is a miasma of distortions, misrepresentations and falsehoods, I choose not to reopen this can o…[Read more]

  • Bob Frank & Tim Stebbins were two of the most honest men whoever lived in Sun City Anthem. 

    What both endured through the cruelty of David Berman and Boards who did everything in their power to destroy them, was unconscionable.  

    No one should have to go through what each did…

    …especially at the hands of an individual and his wife who ha…[Read more]

  • Rana,

    You did well in your “no” vote as sufficient time and information was not provided in order to come to a well informed and intelligent decision.

    The $65,000 should have been explained, and my guess is that was a comparison with the old carrier’s renewal rate to the the one recently accepted.  It was likely a way to “sugarcoat” things when…[Read more]

  • Mr. Griffith is a great example of WHAT’S WRONG  with Sun City Anthem.

    Vigorously enforce and fine a homeowner by displaying a sports flag?  Has this place gone nuts?

    Just another example as to why the Spring 2019 election is so important….

    …to rid ourselves of such individuals who would place such a person on a committee whose need for a “…[Read more]

  • Since it appears that dictatorship or socialism is beginning to be the law of this community, and flags allowed can be patriotic,  I would assume that in keeping with the spirit of this decree, a North Korean, Iranian, or Cuban flag would now be more than acceptable !



  • Thank goodness common sense has finally prevailed.

    As far as this ridiculous restaurant “giveaway” goes, the best way to explain the result:


    Now let’s continue the “clean-up” and rid ourselves of the incompetents who not only proposed it, but those who originally supported it’s losing provisions, and especially those who voted to…[Read more]

  • Mr. Burch is entitled to his opinion; however, we’d appreciate telling us what law school he graduated to make such a statement, unless it is the University of Adam Clarkson OR The University of Bull Sheet.

    What it all boils down to is the fear that VERY FEW PEOPLE wanted anything to do with this restaurant deal once the the actual “sell out” …[Read more]

  • Amen to that, Patsy.

    Sun City Anthem has always been “colorblind” until the element of racism was introduced via James Coleman and David Berman.

    A private email was not returned for one reason…it was DISGUSTING to even consider such a ridiculous accusation as a result of missing one word in the title of a Sun City Anthem Club…

    …and oh so typica…[Read more]

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