• All of the SCA residents who subscribe to the association’s    e-mail blast list were recently notified of a “one question” restaurant survey coming our way.

    Those of you who may be “non-subscribers,” here is what it said;

    Dear Resident,

    In mid-November, the Board of Directors will be sending out a one question opinion poll related to the resta…[Read more]

  • Introducing a sweet cat named Sunny that has been abandoned. She is in need of a home with someone who will love her.

    The owner took one of her two cats,  when she moved and the people that moved into the house were not thrilled with Sunny, because they have 5 dogs.

    They throw food into the yard for her but that is all the attention she now…[Read more]

  • On another community blog, several of the SCA residents have vocalized the need, in their opinion, to make anyone filing a complaint about SCA Board of Directors actions, pay the fees the association incurs.

    I have stated the following several times before over the years, but it seems people either don’t know or don’t remember the rules of this…[Read more]

  • Rana Goodman posted a new activity comment 5 months, 1 week ago

    Karie: Dan (Roberts) feels the same about his Giants flag, even if they do seem to be having a bad streak.. He is still devoted to them…

  • Rana Goodman with Gary Calligass, president of NAMPA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    NAMPA presents 9 awards to The Vegas Voice at its

    2018 National Convention.


    NAMPA (North American Mature Publishers Association, Inc.) announced its top awards for publishing excellence at their 2018 National Convention at the Caribe Royale All Suite Resort in…[Read more]

  • Resident Tim Stebbins wrote Larry Griffith re: the no sport flag rule on Tuesday, to date,  Wednesday 1:50pm Tim has received no reply

    Mr. Griffith is the chairman of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC).  ARC is the group that decides what flags cannot be displayed and the group that will impose a fine on residents who display any flag on t…[Read more]

  • Rana Goodman replied to the topic You Can't Fix Stupid in the forum Where I Stand 6 months ago


    When one of our readers wrote and asked our CAM, Elyssa Rammos to see the CC&Rs or guideline rule, the following is what she supplied:

    For flag holders the Design Guidelines state “On the flag holders flags shall not have dimensions exceeding 3 feet by 5 feet and may be United States flag, other patriotic flags, or flags appropriate for holi…[Read more]


    At the compliance meeting today in Anthem Center’s Delaware Room the BOD outlined the new rules, regulations and restrictions that we were all warned about in the mail last week.

    I have checked the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 116 to find a “law” within them that states HOA’s MUST         pro-actively enforce the CC…[Read more]

  • Rana Goodman replied to the topic Rumors in the forum Let’s Talk 6 months ago

    Denise: I think this went deeper than any one club or owner didn’t want it. The EBLAST Anthem today and Anthem Opinions sent our with the facts about non-vetting as well as other things, led to an overwhelming response from owners going to the board president. We believe that is what led to a major part of this decision… the knowledge that m…[Read more]

  • E-mailed by Alan Weintraub

    I’m sitting here in Johannesburg South Africa and after reading the article on Ranas’ blog I feel compelled to give you my opinion.

    For Bob to suggest that this amenity is something that we needed and that the original documentation for this community included it has an amenity is ridiculous. An amenities something tha…[Read more]

  • In rebuttal to Bob Burch’s point of view, although he states his were formed on research he did on the CC&Rs and the standing of amenity vs. what is not, I’d like to state my opinion on this and invite others to sate theirs.

    A few years ago, when John Leach was the association’s attorney, there was a meeting where he was assisting in revis…[Read more]


    Resident Nelson Orth has asked that I post the following open letter on his behalf: Photo submitted by Col USAF (ret) Mark Cook.

    Resident Nelson Orth has asked that I post the following open letter on his behalf:

    During the week of August 13, SCA-TV provided free advertisement to Jane Fonda for an upcoming…[Read more]

  • Ron, it’s not my job to go digging further for the ending to the bankruptcy filing. The entire point is that it is very clear no vetting of these prospective tenants was done by the committee, management, nor the board and yet a commitment was made for so very much of our money and the rest of “the farm”…THAT IS WHAT I FIND TROUBLING!


  • The first Nevada public showing of “The Guardians”, the documentary movie of many experiences with Clark County Family Court, will be next Sunday at the inaugural Silver State Film Festival. This will likely be the only time the movie plays in Las Vegas in 2018.

    You will see some familiar faces in the film as this is the documentary that Rana Goo…[Read more]

  • After a mailer arrived yesterday from the SCA administration regarding the new regulations and their enforcement policy, I received the following question from one of my subscribers.


    It will be interesting to see how the “new” policy regarding landscape inspections plays out.

    It has been suggested to me by several people over the past two…[Read more]

  • Is the desire to have a restaurant in Anthem Center a need that transcends common sense?

    The reason I ask this question is that I am really concerned about the obvious lack of vetting the principles of G2G prior to the “insane” (in my opinion) lease proposal items that was voted for and passed at the August 2018 SCA board meeting.

    So bot…[Read more]

  • From former President Favil West:

    Nearly 19 years ago I moved to SCA stating, “this is my last move.” I will keep my word. Obviously through the passing of those years I have seen 19 boards, was elected 3 times and served as an officer on 6 of those boards. I also served as board liaison to one restaurant lease negotiation and served on 2 lea…[Read more]

  • Denise, I think the negativity you are seeing now is not so much with the restaurant since many people would like to see one in Anthem Center, it is with the amount of “asks” that G2G has laid out and that the board has bowed down to. Most of the things SCA is paying for are things that any business should be doing to entice customers into the…[Read more]

  • For those of you who have not read the G2G proposed lease, I respectfully suggest you go to http://www.sca_hoa.org and check out the board book. Scan to the bottom and read it.The draft Board Book for the August 23, 2018 board meeting is online.  Click BOD Book.

    I don’t know how many of the SCA residents take time to review the board book prior to mee…[Read more]

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