• I know that “Estate Sales” are supposed to be different than “Garage Sales” and they must ask for permission plus there is a limited time period.   Perhaps those rules can be put out to the community.

    If they are a “legal”estate sale then perhaps it might be an idea to have conforming SCA directional signs available for purchase at the m…[Read more]

  • It was nice having the Charity trucks at the parking lot sales to take whatever we didn’t want to  cart  back home or deal with a pick up and a tax deductible donation to boot.    Easy to go from space to space and the shredder truck was also a perk.  Wonderful for the service groups to make face to face contact with residents.   It would be  a…[Read more]

  • Beautiful tribute to “our” Queen.   My great great  Grandfather was one of Queen Victoria’s lifeguards  and it was nice to see that senior regiment at the front of the procession with their gold helmets and red jackets.

    It reminded me of the print my family proudly displayed on our wall of the regiment riding in front of Balmoral castle which was…[Read more]

  • Yes, that’s very true.  I totally agree with you Rana.    IF the rules change they must change for everyone.   AND they have already changed.    There are many duplications of club activities throughout SCA.   More than 1 women’s club, men’s golf and women’s golf instead of 1 Golf Club, lots of game clubs instead of 1 game club under the same umb…[Read more]

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