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    It is beyond sad! First Shuetz is not entitled to represent 13000 SCA Members; His position requires and demands an SCA Director to be our ACC Board member; Also, Orlov is the director at large for a 2nd Term…..not allowed; At the end of his t…[Read more]

  • Dick,

    Well said but too kind to these six stooges( SCA Board of Directors).

    In my opinion the last Board was dishonest(Karrow; Shuetz; Coleman; Quinn; Hadrick) yet sadly this current Board is so inept, afraid, spineless and without intellect it is frightening!

    Yes, no current member of this Board or the prior Board should ever be on the SCA…[Read more]

  • Dan,

    Agree 100%! What a joke!

    I have multiple experiences with SCA Board where they have flat out lied.

    It is amazing to me this Board would make such empty accusations against community members with blogs. Though I agree in the case of the sad little man (berman).

    Further the “lies” or false statements by this group during their bid for…[Read more]

  • In general I agree with Ms. Kosterka’s comments. I intended to post my thoughts and will do soon. I plan to address the ineptness of our Board in allowing the SCA attorney (Clarkson), to orchestra their thoughts and decisions.

    Also, Mr. Hicks approach would require you to accept your attorneys “opinion” and instructions as the gospel. As a pra…[Read more]

  • Dan,

    Well said! To be honest I have heard the name Ron Johnson, but I don’t know who or what he is; Apparently he writes a blog, fortunately I am not aware of it and have no interest in reading it. In addition, I quit reading, visiting or posting on the other bloggers (sad little man) site, he has no credibility or integrity in my opinion.

    It c…[Read more]

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  • To Rana and Dan,

    First let me say you both have my support and confidence. The previous post by a Bernie H. seems incoherent and off the point. Yes, we all have a “story”, yet it is not the issue or purpose at hand. This Board of SCA that promised transparency, communication and honesty has become a pathetic group of “scared” fools without…[Read more]

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