• Excellent insight by your children, as too many peeps will not face reality……prepare a Trust with full instructions, & begin the process of “stuff” elimination early.  I look at the Estate Sale photos, & shudder at how strangers must plow through the years of accumulation.

    Your daughters are brilliant.!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR……….2020 to…[Read more]

  • It is amazing to me, that a decision was necessary with so little notice to the Board members & time for the “due diligence” & understanding of the facts as presented.  Whenever my husband & I are considering a big decision, we generally obtain at least three options for our careful consideration, & we discuss with others who may face similar…[Read more]

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    Thank you for sharing your amazing story. Congratulations on turning your life around & finding happiness.

    You absolutely went through the greatest storm of the “power hungry” corruption within the govt. bureaucracy. Your story, has to be one of great inspiration for others, who may feel that their life is destroyed & not worth fighting for.

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  • We always watch his rallies & speeches. We were impressed with his subdued mannerism & yes, the enthusiasm of our Republicans in Nevada. However, the battle will be intense to fight the “Blue wave” of ill-informed voters.  How can more Dems be converted???  What plans are being made to educate the uninformed about economics, reason for Fair T…[Read more]

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