• Excellent insight by your children, as too many peeps will not face reality……prepare a Trust with full instructions, & begin the process of “stuff” elimination early.  I look at the Estate Sale photos, & shudder at how strangers must plow through the years of accumulation.

    Your daughters are brilliant.!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR……….2020 to…[Read more]

  • It is amazing to me, that a decision was necessary with so little notice to the Board members & time for the “due diligence” & understanding of the facts as presented.  Whenever my husband & I are considering a big decision, we generally obtain at least three options for our careful consideration, & we discuss with others who may face similar…[Read more]

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    We always watch his rallies & speeches. We were impressed with his subdued mannerism & yes, the enthusiasm of our Republicans in Nevada. However, the battle will be intense to fight the “Blue wave” of ill-informed voters.  How can more Dems be converted???  What plans are being made to educate the uninformed about economics, reason for Fair T…[Read more]

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