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    For those of you whom are relatively new to Sun City Anthem, and want to know what Forrest Fetherolf and Rana plus others have had to deal with over the years, please allow me to give you some information.

    1.     A Hunger for Power & Dominance

    2.    Devious or Deceptive Tendencies

    3.    Ruthlessness in the Pursuit of Their Goals

    4.    Hostile or Aggressive Towards Others

    5.     Easily Angered or Irritated

    6.     Irresponsible Decision Making

    7.      Superficial Charm & Powers of Persuasion

    8.     Broken Moral Compass or Limited Conscience

    9.     Few Close Bonds or Relationships

    10.   Manipulative Tendencies

    11.    Entitlement & Impunity

    12.   Socially Deviant

    13.    Cheap Thrill-Seeking Tendencies

    14.    Opportunistic in all the Wrong Ways

    15.    Emotional Detachment

    Some of the major traits of this individual who has a long history of  attacking others.  If you need any further explanation, please contact me and I will give you a further explanation.   


    I just returned from completing some errands.  There are pieces of wood scattered all over Anthem Parkway giving it a messy look.  If I were buying a home here, that in itself would cause me to pause.  There is no excuse for this, especially considering what we pay in our dues both to SCA as well as Anthem Council.


    The old adage consistently comes to mind: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. Let us look at the composition of the current board.


    The onus is on them to become familiar with the questionable financial history of our community which has had more than its fair share of mistakes and wasteful spending.


    a. Some members ignore the homeowners and make decisions solely based on selfishness laced with the selfish belief “I want what I want when I want it”.

    b. Some members make decisions based on “going along to get along” and due to their lack of relevant experience, are afraid to express how they really feel from fear of being ostracized by fellow board members.

    c. Some board members fully accept the legal counsel’s opinions without question, believing that
    he is the epitome of knowledge, disregarding the fact that these opinions may well be flawed.

    Some time ago, I suggested they any board should investigate placing legal counsel on a retainer.
    This will enable them to control expenses, not have that person there all the time and charge for
    each and every opinion that comes from them.


    Since the board tends to ignore the fact that WE pay for all their decisions, residents should not
    be forced to financially support another restaurant if the deal is not a fair one for the largest
    segment of the community.

    It is my belief that the overwhelming number of owners who signed the “no restaurant” petitions
    (1400) did so after a complete analysis of the low percentage of success was fully explained.

    The time is long past due to acknowledge that homeowners rights and opinions should also count.


    What I find interesting in Steve Anderson’s second comment is that he is telling the members of SCA that, “ We have explored that with our legal counsel and he advises not only would it be expensive, but it is a case we most likely would lose.  That does not mean we could not do it, but it would be costly.” 

    If Steve considers all advice from our present legal counsel to be perfect and not laced with personal bias, then why is the board looking for a new attorney for our next legal counsel????? 


    I did not believe this either and I called the car dealership today where I bought my car and have it serviced.  They said that no customer of theirs has reported this type of theft on a Honda.  Furthermore, I discussed using a metal locking device called The Club on the steering wheel whenever I park my car in a public parking lot.  This adds additional security.  They however, could not guarantee that some device will not work to steal some cars of a different brand and thought using The Club was a good idea.


    He cannot stand to be ignored and that is what most of us do.  Besides suffering from OCD in regards to Rana, he also exhibits DMC as well.


    I also agree that Charlie was a positive force in our community.  We will all miss his presence.


    After reading Shawn Hicks dissertation on his background and opinion regarding Rana Goodman’s editorial SCA Gets Wrong Advice, I must take umbrage to what he wrote in part.

    1. First of all, in my opinion, his demeanor is an example of what we have seen in so many attorneys especially in the state of Nevada (1) arrogance (2) feels he can make pronouncements without any idea of the often sordid history of governance past and present in our community and sides with the existing attorney without knowing anything about his past.

    2. It would have been wiser if he had spent his time researching how SCA has been run in the past by many board members who considered this community as their kingdom and the homeowners merely their serfs. Furthermore, these board members felt that homeowners should have no say in governance unless they agreed with the board and looked at homeowners as their source of revenue to do what they wanted with money including ordering meals from gourmet restaurants while working on board matters.

    3. Ms. Goodman was “a breath of fresh air” when she first became president of our association. Furthermore, she has worked hard to change the laws to protect homeowners, especially seniors tirelessly. Is Rana perfect-certainly not, but neither is anyone in our community.

    Mr. Hicks may take umbrage as to my comments and observations and wonder who I am to criticize him. I have been here 14 1/2 years and came from another state where I served on an HOA board for 21 years and 15 as their president while working full time for the Veterans Administration. We threw out two management companies and became self-managed. We always allowed homeowners to openly attend board meeting and comment both pro and con before any vote was taken. If a homeowner had committed some violation of a rule or law, they were taken into another area and admonished or told the consequences privately. We were extremely successful in this approach that 27 other HOA’s also threw out their respective management companies and became self-managed as well. We never were rude to any homeowner in public.

    We also were very fortunate to have an HOA attorney who actually helped write the HOA laws of the state and he never ever allowed us to act illegally on any matter.

    Finally, Mr. Hicks should not automatically side with our present attorney without observing his demeanor when he constantly intimidates board members and takes over meetings at times. Our present attorney is paid to offer an opinion which the board has the right to accept or not. He does succeed in spending huge amounts of money for his opinions. He forgets that he works for us and not the reverse.



    I have known you since I moved into Sun City Anthem 14 ½ years ago.  You have always been fair-minded, honest, and have had the best interests of the homeowners in your decisions.  All one has to do is look at your long and determined work you did to change the laws in Nevada to expose the mega-scandal involving “professional guardians” who have destroyed the lives of seniors in order to take everything from them based on lies and manipulation.  Both you and I have had long experiences as presidents of other HOA’s and have never seen such corruption continually evolve before moving to this HOA.

    Let’s look at the current board.  One individual communicated to you and said, “I have your back”.  In reality, this person forgot to say that a knife would be shoved in your back.  Another current board member who loves to do “research” forgot to look up the sordid past of the current attorney.  Just read the following:

    A third current board member is totally incompetent to serve on any HOA board as demonstrated well before the last election and this person’s incompetence is now magnified by inappropriate outbursts against you.

    A fourth board member has been a direct pipeline to the other blogger, has repeatedly told board members that this person’s background is superior in experience regarding HOA’s, has temper tantrums and is rude and crude.

    A fifth board member, though highly intelligent, is nothing more than an appeaser, thus ineffective.

    The sixth board member is quiet and probably will not run again, and also bought into the current attorney’s half-truths and interpretation of NRS to suit his own agenda involving SCA in the future.

    These members of the current board have demonstrated how spineless they are, how easily intimidated they can be, and lack the common sense to remind the attorney that he works for us and not the reverse.  Obviously, none of them were able to “think out of the box” and check for veracity of what has been fed to them.

    Then, you have the “the other blogger” who has an endless history of going after anyone who does not kiss his butt and agree with him, thus making them targets of his half-truths and lies.  He particularly targets women and you Rana, have been in his sights for years.

    Lastly, if something does not change with a new election forthcoming, no honest and decent homeowner will want to run for the board and be subjected to what you Rana, have endured.  Then the other blogger will have free reign to push for his jaded and obnoxious underlings to run and win  seats on the new board.  If that occurs, you can kiss this community good-bye as we know it and it will go hell.  The values of our homes will plummet as well, especially if another restaurant is created on the financial backs of the homeowners and forces Buckman’s and the golf-course to close.

    Rana, you and Dan have the wonderful future before you and you can achieve anything you both set your minds to.


    After I posted the above article, I had to drive somewhere.  When I looked at the dashboard, much to my surprise and delight, my car automatically changed the clock without me having to do anything manually.  That brought a big smile to my face!


    There is another wrinkle in the already skewed directions regarding the instructions sent along with the ballots. There are at least two homeowners who miraculously received their ballot even though the zip code addressed to them was WRONG. Their ballots were addressed as 89052 zip code instead of their legal zip code as 89044.

    This is a “catch-22”. If they use the incorrect zip code (89052) on the return ballot, it may negate their ballot. If they use their correct and legal zip code (89044) the company collecting them may also negate the ballot since it does not match their list.

    89044 is the legal zip code for many homeowners who bought in stage three of construction of this community. It appears on their drivers licenses, their tax forms, their real estate taxes, their trusts, etc. This was either a careless error or there are several lists out there for ballot addresses. JUST ONE MORE WAY TO DISENFRANCHISE VALID BALLOTS!


    This morning, I received a telephone call from the City of Henderson, Department of Building Codes.  He wanted to update the information initially given to me which had prompted the article I initially wrote posted above.  It seems that the date given to me was incorrect as to mandatory carbon monoxide installations that construction companies had to abide by.  The real date was August 5, 2011.

    That still does not alter the fact that phase 3 of SCA was completed well before 2011.   This does not alter the fact that most of us were put in Harm’s Way by moving into our respective homes  without essential carbon monoxide detectors.

    The man went on to say that the City was in the process of updating mandatory regulations for building residential homes.  I immediately jumped onto that and strongly suggested that they consider including mandatory passive and/or active venting of every garage for new homes, especially considering the fact that so many homes have gas fired hot water heaters housed within their garages.  He thought that was important and said he would pass that idea on to the head of his department.

    On an ancillary note, I have noticed many homeowners pulling into their respective garages and lowering the door before their car is stopped and parked.  A car is a source of carbon monoxide as well,  I have always left my garage door up, pulled into my parking spot, shut off the motor and excited the car.  I do not close the garage door until I am ready to enter my home.  I think that is a much safer way.  I also urge everyone to buy carbon monoxide detectors and place several with their homes and one in the garage.  It is better to be safe than sorry and prevent anyone else from dying unnecessarily of this hazard. 





    Those that know me well, are very much aware that I am not one to mince words.  I call it like it is and get to the heart of issues without sugar coating them.  The following is my opinion of those who are on the road to totally destroying this HOA community and trampling the rights of every good and kind homeowner who lives here and thought they were buying into a community full of fun, comradery, peacefulness and run in a democratic way.

    The Group That Calls Themselves OSCAR-The Real Meaning

    O-  Obnoxious, Oblivious to the law and the rights of the citizens of SCA.

    S-  Sanctimonious, Self-righteous, Selfish to the core, Spending HOA money to            satisfy their own selfish wants and desires.

    C-  Crass, Crude, Corrupt.

    A-  Apathetic, Amoral, Arrogant, Anti-homeowner and their rights.

    R-  Rigid opinions with lack of common sense and devoid of people skills. Riding           Roughshod over homeowners and the only honest board member, Nona Tobin,       denying her and homeowners their legal rights.

    I could go on and on, but anyone with a modicum of conscience and knowledge of fiduciary duty will know they are heinous individuals that rule this HOA and care about nothing other than satisfying their own selfish needs.  Unfortunately this HOA is laced with a very destructive bunch “ruling the roost”.




    I would like to expand on several points that you have brought out, and by the way, you have accurately assessed the problems growing in our community.  I am going to go back a little further in history to assess the boards that I have had contact with.  The following is my opinion:

    Favil West:  My first encounter with Favil was when he was president and I had not been here a year.  I spoke up to him when homeowners were talking to Favil and his vice-president Bob Berman.  I challenged him on the subject of fiduciary duty.  He leaned over to Bob and said, “Who is she?”  My next encounter was at Buckman’s.  He was sitting there and motioned me to sit down.  I at first declined and said to him, “If you think you can intimidate me, think that again”!  His demeanor immediately changed and he softened his stance and then asked me to sit down and talk.  What anyone may personally think of Favil and his Foundation, you cannot deny that they have brought much needed help to this community and ultimately to other senior communities as well.  For a board to throw his foundation out without seeking a solution to the “war” between the Foundation and the Community Service Group is unconscionable.  Case in point:  Recently, a homeowner needed equipment for his spouse coming home from the hospital.  Community service group did not have the equipment needed and one call to the foundation delivered what was needed.

    Mike Dixon:  Mike was one of the most intelligent people I have met here (IQ wise), but that did not make him a good president.  He thought that because he had superior intelligence, he knew more than anyone else and had no patience for anyone who held a different opinion not in line with his.

    Jack Troia:  Here was one of the most arrogant and nasty individuals I have ever observed in my eleven years in SCA.  He also gave our community one gigantic public “black eye” and put us in the “HOA HALL OF SHAME” with investigative reporter on ABC news, Darcy Spears.  He was rude, crude and liked to punish innocent homeowners such as Norman McCullough and others.

    Roz Berman:  Roz tried to be a decent president, but was in over her head and ultimately was responsible for the initial Liberty Center debacle.  Those that followed her, also bear a great amount of guilt because they simply ignored the center’s leakage problems for years.  Only when mold was discovered within this center and had to be closed down as a health hazard, were repairs made.

    Jean Capillupo:  Jean was way in over her head and couldn’t seem to do anything without checking with then HOA attorney, John Leach.  The mounting legal bills attest to those facts.  Just because she was an educator in her former life, did not make her a good president.

    Bella Meese:  Bella’s reign became known as Bellagate and she also viewed monies collected from homeowners as her own personal treasury and spent our hard-earned money as her own personal bank account while often making unilateral bad decisions on her own.

    Rex Weddle:  He, in my opinion, has become one of the worst presidents in the history of our community.  He has brought the festering wounds within this community to where we are today.  His blatant disregard for treating ALL board members equally is but one example of his very poor leadership.

    What do all these presidents described and most of their respective boards have in common?  What comes to mind is governance in the form of a serfdom and arrogant entitlement by them and their fellow board members.  With rare exception, their distain for homeowners was and is a horrendous real eye opener.  In addition, the words arrogance, ineptness, sheer stupidity, little common sense, rudeness, and lack of honesty and humility all can be ascribed to most of the previous boards and the present one.

    Where do all the homeowners fit into this?  We’re merely their personal piggy bank with our input and rights constantly being trampled upon.

    Sandy Seddon:  I have watched our GM with great interest.  Judging from the number of signatures on the NO Confidence Petition regarding her, I would say that quite a number of homeowners are angry with her often-rude demeanor, how she handles her duties, and often overstepping what a general manager for our community should be doing.  Her edicts to homeowners, club members and others, do not set well.  BUT, and this needs to be taken into consideration, she would not be able to get away with all of this if Weddle’s board didn’t give her total freedom to do what she wants.

    Hence, you have the petitions against four board members as well as one against Sandy.  Homeowners have had enough of this outrageous aberrant behavior. 

    Again, this is my opinion and perspective of what I have witnessed during the time I have lived here.            



    Please contact any of the following people by email and include your phone number.  They will make arrangements to meet you or direct you to their home to spend five minutes signing the two petitions after reading the cover sheets explaining why the petitions need to be signed:

    Robert N.

    Renee R.
    Assistant Coordinator

    Marcia K.
    Assistant Coordinator

    Charlie W.
    Contact Person

    Erlinda P.
    Contact Person

    Dave C.
    Contact Person

    Eleanor S.
    Contact Person

    Gerry M.
    Contact Person

    Steve L.
    Contact Person


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