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    Martin Winger

    Same old story…

    Why haven’t they replaced the canopy, but now they want to add another “sports arena” for the masses.  Sadly its always about the dollars, and by the way, the city in 2019 lost (in the hole) 18%.  Why go deeper?  Sure, growth is tough but needing another sports arena is just plain ridiculous.

    Are they planning as a “benefit” to totally remove the whole Pavilion to put a sports arena in (?), sure, you betcha!   So who do they have in their pockets that will pay for this project?

    Martin Winger

    Hi Rana,

    Thanks for the update to the “restaurant.”  You are absolutely correct that this community needs more information.  As I said, “I read that with all the construction going on around the St Rose area we can expect another 20-25 restaurants.”

    I wonder:

    How many of the residents will want to go to them rather than “The restaurant at Anthem?”

    How many of the residents will go to all the choices available after “build-out” of the St Rose area?

    How many other people outside of the Anthem area and certainly close enough to consider “The restaurant” will choose it.

    How many of those incapacitated are close enough that need all the choices of transportation we have now like Lyft, Uber etc are curious enough to want to take 5 more minutes and try other build-out restaurants?

    Of course I can go on with many questions but the bottom line as you mention bring “The restaurant” at Anthem down to the level of being a joke!

    Best of luck, as they say, but I’m looking forward to another loser, and a really BIG LOSER.

    Martin Winger

    My opinion.  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as I was told by me wee mother.

    The other side of all of this is this weasel has always been antagonistic toward anyone who object to his ravings.

    My question has always been, “who are these people” that write to him?  It never seems to be anyone that I could find from the SCA telco book on the SCA website, oh, that includes “Sandy Ridge.”  Yeah, yeah, I know it was some fictitious “person” just like the ones he dreams up in his mental delusions.  I never see valid names so I can only assume they are created by his constant rubbing of hands.

    Let’s face it too, that after his little creative magic in Boston and his legal incident he had to find new ground to go to somewhere else to cause problems, but never was able to move away from his nature.  Soon afterward he was again caught with the truth being brought out by a retired senator.

    Now I imagine he is freaking out due to all the construction at the location(s) west of Executive Airport road where he had great expectations of all that area being like it was, but the City of Henderson saw it a bit different.  So now, and any time an airplane crash occurs anywhere in the Henderson area he can blame it on society moving to the area.

    So who is CJ?  Who is Peter Brown, not again in the SCA phonebook roster?  Was Sandy Ridge retired to his sick mind?  Why is it I rarely see responses to his blogs, and when I do who are they.

    How long will he carry on about some stupid pictures, and how long is he going to tell us about him making arrangements for the the board and the people who must do what he says or be condemned.

    What a sad sack who will find so many petty things to rant about.  I guess we’ll forever need to deal with it.



    Martin Winger

    It saddens me that this community has to be one of the laziest in the country.  How dare they think that they had an entire month to vote and not take one minute to do that.  Shame on them.  How and why do they think it’s OK to not vote to bring the community that they live in that to not vote is a good thing.  What does that teach their children and grand children.

    I for one am looking forward to a renewed board to bring us the wisdom of people who are CAN DO folks, and end the insanity we have witnessed in the short recent times.

    Martin Winger

    I have a long term offer.  Take that section of the building DOWN.  Put grass there and return it to nature.  There will be a one time fee for disassembly and never more will there be an issue of maintenance except for the cost of some water for the grass and a quick cutting now and then.




    Martin Winger

    How wonderful to see our small community transition to even more greatness from the 70’s of old Henderson and the Bermite plant, and the smooth metamorphosis to a wondeful place to live in the high desert.  We now see signs of building everywhere along the St. Rose corridor and the soon completed finishing of “our” Costco along with all the homes and apartment/condo’s too.

    I wonder what happened to the “cocky-lockies” that complained when they made their complaints about both the sky falling along with all the airplanes that would move to this community with the new neighbors.  Such small and narrow minded folk must have left (apparently) since this mall represents a new and growth spurt for the city of Henderson.

    I find it refreshing to live here and appreciate the Henderson leaders we have.  Bless them all!

    Martin Winger

    Hello Gary,


    Just a FYI.  I think I played it smart this time.  My vote was only you and not any other candidate for fear I would be adding others and didn’t know what might happen in this short future.

    Best of luck.

    M W

    Martin Winger


    Are you talking about any of the original 3 vendors, or the one by F. Lewis.  You didn’t say. Can you give us a clue?  Oh, how about a suggestion too.  I for one would be interested!  This all assumes you (agree/disagree) about the membership to choose too, and of course of who has made any offers good, or bad.  Seems to me if all of the choices, its all we are presented with.



    Martin Winger

    I was hoping to be one of the first to comment on this letter from F. Lewis…

    It is, ABSOLUTE BRILLIANCE!  So simple in both elecution of the letter, and also has the potential of simplicity of making this a reality without the need of to much money, something that the board and G.M. has too much of.

    The proof of this concept is the exact same as the Las Vegas downtown operation of the Container Park idea.  So if there are any doubters, just take a look at how well this is performing.

    As to my comment of the Triple Net Lease, it too can be adjusted (with a fairly intelligent legal person, and without to much expense) to bring some “boilerplate language” to fruitition.

    Thank you again F. Lewis…”You Done Good!”

    Martin Winger

    Sorry to sound like the broken record over and over, but the meeting for our choices was a near disaster.  As I have mentioned, theonly option for a restaurant vendor is to have the “TRIPLE NET LEASE.”  It exculpts us from all the total insanity we have seen the last four times.  It allows us to have a “ARMS LENGTH TRANSACTION” and ends all the problems down the road we have dealt with in the past.

    Oh sure, I heard the comments of having another fancy restaurant, but in reality it hasn’t worked in the past and I can’t think of anything that will make it work in the future.  You know that the eventual fact is if the restauranture isn’t making what they expected, they’ll cheapen up on the quality of the food, again as we have seen.

    Oh, as to G2G, apparently they own Coco restaurants, and as at least one person commented, “there is no consistancy in their food offerings, and we’ll see people complaining of that (and I for one can attest to that too).

    I know the board is not happy about who came and what they wanted, and I’d bet they are still lookng for other vendors…but it isn’t going to happen.

    Too bad!

    Make it something else.  I’m sure our over paid General Manager (you know, the one that makes about $60K more than the new GM of the city of Henderson can come up with something EVERYBODY wants)!


    Martin Winger

    Thanks Sandy, for a great job (just being facetious).  Think about all the rent money we will get after this facility is emptied (not).  Pure genius.  Pure greed.  Sosad, too bad.

    Martin Winger

    Please accept my vote of “No Confidence” and the removal of Rex Weddle, Tom Nisson, Bob Burch and Aletta Waterhouse.

    Also include in the  Petition in a “Voice of a Vote of  “No Confidence” in General Manager Sandy Seddon.

    Far to much waste and miss management has occurred during their reign while acting a board members.

    Martin Winger

    Clearly Ms. Seddon is beyond her level of competence and in this short period of time has proven beyond a doubt the Peter Principal is once again valid.

    We will soon see that it was a terrible mistake to “hire” her.

    As a retirement community we need someone who is “on our side,” and Ms. Seddon has shown in this short time she is not.

    I’m guessing the time is very close to thanking her for her service, but to move on.  We cannot allow more terrible choices by her, and that this will be another “restaurant fiasco?”


    Martin Winger

    Listen up folks.  I don’t know how many times I have said this over the years, but it called “a triple net lease” where the owners of the building have no responsibility to managing the costs of the business being run.  It is a arms length transaction that has never been done here, why I don’t know other than to guess “our middle management team” has not known that something like this even exists.  They have proven time in and out they don’t have a clue on how to run a business other than their past experiences that has nothing in their past lives to prove so (with great exception).

    Why the past attorney group has not suggested this is of course beyond me, and I wonder about this new one.  So where do they find these types of lawyers?

    Five restaurants is too much for any intelligent person to comprehend so obviously they don’t know what else to do with the space other than use it for affairs for the community to use.

    As a security director and owner for many years the cost to separate the rst of the business will run in the thousands so please consider this when the decision is made.  All it will do is make us dig deeper into our pockets for the “temporary” board members.



    Martin Winger

    This is simple…this community NEEDS Ms. Tobin’s life experiences to bring the correct management operations it needs.  She, among all the others has demonstrated that she has all the experiences needed to manage this community like none of the others, in spite of them wanting to try to do the job.


    Best of luck to both this community and to her.  She’ll need us to back her when necessary.

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