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    I would like to let all the aqua people how things have changed since I moved here in 2005. We had classes 7 days a week. The Activity Director (Meg) could stand in for any class if the instructor called in. Classes were $2.00. The 8 o’clock class was totally full and the 9:15 class usually had 20 or more people. We had enough instructors.…[Read more]

  • Rana, I would like to reiterate on the salaries that the upper echelon is being paid. I hope every Sun City resident realizes that the 6 per cent salaries the Board approved is over half of the budget.  The $300,000 dollar loss on the restaurant and all the other special projects they have done are in the process of doing. Sun City will not be…[Read more]

  • Rana, the board does not represent the residents of Sun City Anthem. We need to elect good and honest people that will make sure that the residents are no longer taken advantage of.  The Board has given a 6 per cent raise for all the employees and hiring three more full time. Why would they think it is ok to open a restaurant at this time when…[Read more]

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