At recent Board of Directors meetings in December and January, board member Paul Perlstein violated the CODE OF CONDUCT and stated at the December meeting that I should pack up and leave the Community and he would help me pack. At the January meeting it got worse, and he slandered me. Berman came to his defense openly on his blog…[Read more]

  • Elizabeth, Nelson and whomever else may be reading. Mr. Anderson is a flawed human being like the rest of us but we need to be focused on a two-year mission to fix SCA and the result is not guaranteed. We agree on the financial irresponsibility of the board and we agree on the abuse of power. The only chance we have of getting things right is to…[Read more]

  • Nelson Steve Anderson in the issues I have dealt with him has been transparent and forthright. He acknowledged and apologized for both Perlstein’s slander and code of conduct violations by attacking me at December and January board meetings. THAT”S HUGE considering he faces head winds on the board. He knows that Wendy Linow is not a good board…[Read more]

  • In many of my posts I refer to the weaponized legal counsel and the abuse of power. There is also the abuse of $$. I claim an unholy alliance between COO Sandy Seddon and the Clarkson Law firm with the board’s blessing. That includes spending legal $$ that are totally unnecessary as the homeowner ,in some cases, is seen as the enemy and make work…[Read more]

  • David Berman attacks me again as being a corrupt Board Member of Anthem Highlands years ago as part of his character assault to persuade readers that I am the dishonest party. It is a lie and his spin. David Berman was guilty apparently of forging a document and had his law license suspended and apparently never reinstated. Dishonesty appears to…[Read more]

  • A couple homeowners have emailed me and called me to point out the dishonesty of Swenson and Muha as they like Quinn are making a case for something that wasn’t challenged and none of the have the intellectual honesty to not only correct themselves but are quite content in participating in a smear. I originally clearly gave them the benefit of t…[Read more]

  • According to Dick Arendt, David Berman has been using his blog and influence to attack and destroy people for years and has been quite successful in canceling people. I have been his recent target and have been for months as I have been calling out SCA management and the Board of Directors for abuse of power and financial irresponsibility. Berman…[Read more]

  • “Again, as SCA’s ESTIMATED reserve values are neither verified by the Auditor nor included in the audit section of SCA’s financial report, I don’t believe the reserve values influence the Auditor’s opinion of SCA’s financial statements. Mr. Stern believes otherwise. We will have to agree to disagree.”

    Mr. Quinn responded on the Berman Blog with…[Read more]

  • After reading Mr. Quinn’s post I reached out to him via email as he is a qualified financial professional and CPA and former distinguished SCA Treasurer deserving of respect. Since I am banned from Berman’s blog My email to him points that I asked him to correct on his Berman post. Berman as usual dis his customary smear preamble when presenting…[Read more]

  • Because of the financial irresponsibility of the current board I have argued that the deficit financing of the restaurant was not a sound financial decision. They don’t even have adequate internal controls in place to measure what the restaurant is actually costing homeowners. That was admitted by the CFO at the January meeting as she was…[Read more]

  • One of the key principles of good governance is the structure of an audit committee and to have the INDEPENDENCE necessary without conflicts of interest or the appearance that an actual conflict is possible.

    SCA AUDIT COMMITTEE’s mission is to assist the Board of Director’s oversight responsibilities with respect to:

    1.Financial…[Read more]

  • Unfortunately it is about HOA politics and David Berman just used you for political purposes. He is the Gatekeeper to the HOA board as he relishes and thrives on his self anointed role. He openly and deceptively spins to protect the COO and select board members. Your stated objective  as to compliance with Nevada Law  is just smoke unless you c…[Read more]

  • Any competent lawyer without a political agenda would disclose to the reader that some of those quotes were not in a communication to a HOA employee but rather to a third party HOA resident who agreed that the governing documents had been violated and that the HOA employees were guilty.
    In the quotes that were in the 1 email to the Community…[Read more]

  • Once again David Berman pushes disinformation and misinformation to support his case against me. He responds to my above comments by claiming my quotes violate the governing documents. They do not. While some can claim my quotes are in poor taste and inappropriate or otherwise including the virus quote none of them cross the line as defined in…[Read more]

  • Any Director serving on an HOA Board of Directors always needs to ask himself that question when acting in an official capacity. I always did when I served on the Board of Anthem Highlands and there were many contentious moments and struggles.

    At the January 26, 2023, SCA Board Meeting I was slandered by DIRECTOR Paul Perlstein who made false…[Read more]


    The issue is financial responsibility. I could care less if there is a restaurant or not personally but I do understand those that truly want a restaurant whether it be for convenience, loneliness, or any other human need. The Community has been without a restaurant and the home values have skyrocketed so those who…[Read more]

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