• Homeowners:

    Help all of us by voting in this election for Pamela Williams (Ballot position #1) and Rick Ernest (Ballot position #2). Ballots mailed March 24. Our mission is to get a new board majority in two election cycles that will respect the rule of law and homeowners’ rights and to minimize assessments through prudent financial management.…[Read more]

  • Reserve Studies use an inflation factor. In the last reserve studies that factor was 2%. That number impacts the calculation as to determining future replacement costs or repair costs of SCA’s assets over the next 30 years.

    We know from our personal lives that inflation is quite high and impacting us and accordingly it should impact the 2023…[Read more]

  • Forrest

    Never fear the cavalry is here! LOL! Today I delivered my written response under NRS116.31035 2 to be published this coming week. If they reject their duty then I will await the results of the election and then initiate actions against Sandy Seddon, Steve Anderson, Greg Swenson, David Meredith and Doris Logar in accordance with the…[Read more]

  • Mike Quinn( Finance Committee Member) in his video to explain Reserves and Reserve Studies does an excellent job in explaining what goes into a reserve fund. He also explains Full Funding and Threshold Funding as acceptable methods to do the necessary calculations.
    So what are we arguing about? There seems to be a dispute as to what constitutes…[Read more]

  • I got a very intolerant email from a homeowner who insisted I got it wrong and if I wanted to hear the truth listen to Mike Quinn’s( SCA Finance Committee Member) video where he explains the Reserves and 2023 Reserve Study and Financial Statements. I listened and Mike was a fine speaker and funny and as a fellow Armor Officer I do not question his…[Read more]

  • On Sunday the Candidate Forum and Meet and Greet of candidates took place to an overflow crowd so that homeowners could evaluate for themselves the candidates. Feedback and consensus was that the two new candidates Pamela Williams and Rick Ernest fared very well and that the board incumbents seeking reelection did not.

    On Monday, using the Sun…[Read more]

  • Steve, Mr President and Mr Anderson
    Now that three of your board members stated at the Forum that monthly financials are being done then for God’s sake post them on website in a timely manner. When I was a Controller in my early days monthly financials were ready and available on the 5th business day after closing the previous month.
    And Mr. Q…[Read more]

  • Mr. Anderson also known to me as Steve to his credit is willing to write to defend and explain certain actions. Some he will ignore and not comment on if they are too confrontational or controversial. He sees himself as a peacekeeper and consensus builder and while those are good qualities, what if the consensus is really a collective bad…[Read more]

  • Sorry to have offended you Mr. Smith. Time was short as the Meet and Greet for candidates was coming up and I wanted residents to have an opportunity to be focused on the issues. So I selected a time that worked for me. I am available to talk to you personally either on the phone today or in person at my home on a weekday. Wednesdays are best for…[Read more]

  • For those that have followed the David Berman smears where he attacks me and doesn’t address the issues that I have been writing about you are invited to an open house because unlike the Board and Berman and management I am transparent.

    He attacks me about my past service at Anthem Highlands and repeats the same misstatements over and over and…[Read more]

  • The 2023 Budget includes an expense line item of $316,800 identified as Restaurant. As a qualified CPA , former CFO, business consultant and concerned resident I wanted to see the detail of this number and what the budget creators were planning. It’s not complicated. Remember we were originally told restaurant would open in 1st Quarter 2023, then…[Read more]

  • Robert Stern replied to the topic THE BIG LIE in the forum Anthem Voices 3 weeks, 5 days ago

    While I hope Barry Rubinson does survive as the 4th board member elected this cycle I worry strategically that mathematically that voting for him could possibly prevent one of the new candidates from making it. I am just learning about the voting patterns and influences so I really don’t know. But voting only 3 votes , one for each of the new…[Read more]

  • Robert Stern replied to the topic THE BIG LIE in the forum Anthem Voices 3 weeks, 6 days ago


    If you want change it will take a new board majority.

    Three new candidates that apparently are focused on finances are our best bet as a beginning,

    Four seats are open. Please give one vote each to:
    Pamela Williams
    Rick Ernest
    Bruce Stanley

    They are needed to begin the process of change and fiscal responsibility. They are our best hope…[Read more]

  • R Westra states” The statement about 5 year growth of 45% is full of errors of assumption.” How absurd as R Westra doesn’t acknowledge that there is no assumption in the numbers. The numbers are facts. There are no errors. It will be hilarious to see you please try to list the assumption errors. Your statement is just spin nonsense in an attempt…[Read more]

  • Robert Stern started the topic THE BIG LIE in the forum Anthem Voices 4 weeks ago

    Participant Alan H on a post asked “ What makes that woman worth over $200,000 a year? Another participant stated that her cost was over $300,000 total package. Well the simple answer to Alan’s question is, she isn’t worth it. Probably no COO @ $3000,000 is but especially not this one. And the Directors on the Board that support her outrageous c…[Read more]


    Nice work!

    And NONE of those expenses are going to improve the lives of the residents at SCA. The BOD is spending lots of physical plant and nothing on additional classes improving the health of residents – specifically those classes to help defer aging and keep people active as they get older.…[Read more]

  • No problem. Rana Just give me your guidelines.

  • The numbers matter. Look what management and your Board of Directors did. To disapprove of any budget 90% of the Community must vote in person at a special meeting. Is that ever going to happen? NO! So if you care about assessments one of the biggest numbers driving increases is Payroll and Benefits. All of the information below is on the SCA…[Read more]

  • As you can read current board member Barry Rubinson and I had an exchange prior to Berman’s misstatement. Barry Rubinson would be a fine candidate having abided by the Code of Conduct and being a stand up guy. Here are the original exchanges. Transparency matters. Truth matters. Elections matter. If Berman wants to know my endorsements its…[Read more]

  • Our world is upside down these days. Truth Justice and the American Way used to be virtues worth fighting for, but we have become divided into factions. Good vs. Evil used to be a common theme that we could all relate to. Then the Lawyers took over and everything got clouded as to what was good. Religious people regardless of faith know the…[Read more]

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