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    At a minimum the utilities allocation for billing should be based on the square footage percentage the restaurant occupies.

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    I have to ask, just what knuckheads are in charge? I would like to know since the dell webb company left us with a restaurant how much has the board spent on the place since then. There must have been about 6 to 8 different operators. It must be close to 5 million dollors by now.

  • For as long as I can remember the gatekeeper has pushed for mistakes and board members. He wanted to spend a million on miniature golf. From the beginning of liberty design still just on paper the bocce people told the board members that they were never going to use it. But they wasted the money anyway. They wasted more money trying to make it…[Read more]

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    Hi. Its funny you should mention meters for the restaurant. I think that idea was brought years ago after the initial del Webb restaurant closed and someone else was coming in. The idea was poopood. The idea being we really don’t want to know the real expenses. Since we bought 19 years ago this must be about the 8th operator of that space. Why are…[Read more]

  • i guess this compliance is what the board warned us about about 3 months ago. a year ago we got a warning about having 4 chairs and a 3 person covered swing in our front yard with out the required wall of blocks or shrubs. they had only been in our front yard for ONLY “14” YEARS. i know they dont want junk cars in the yards but give me a break.…[Read more]

  • HI. yes, this is a possibility. they do a number of blood test to determine if you have any traces of chemicals.

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