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You Cannot Take Him Seriously

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    Rana Goodman

    You Cannot Take Him Seriously

    By: Dan Roberts

    Once again, that blogger rises from the mud to remind all residents that he – and only he, can determine the facts. As self-appointed “reporter,” and commentator, he pontificates and demeans any who disagree.

    After all, everything in and about SCA is about him – and always him.

    Only that blogger can make a statement that my Rana’s refusal to have any dealings with him (and to consider him as not just “irrelevant” but as an non-entity) can be prosecuted as an act of retaliation under Nevada law.

    (By the way, if he really feels that way, go ahead and call the cops. It won’t be the first-time people laugh at him).

    Rana has finally decided to follow the advice of her old English uncle. “What’s the sense of wrestling with a pig? Uncle Henry told her when she was a child. “You both get muddy and besides, the pig likes it.”

    Unfortunately for that blogger, yours truly loved playing in the mud as a child. And since Rana will be the first to admit that I’m entering my 2nd childhood, so long as she hoses me down and cleans me up before we go out for dinner, if that blogger wants to play, let’s play!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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