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    Rana Goodman

    If you have an interest regarding becoming a Clark County Credentialed Mediator and volunteer mediator  with the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center. In becoming a Clark County Credentialed Mediator and I wanted to tell you about the  in-kind training for 2019. Below is a detailed outline of the application process including a link to our online application.

    This photo/flyer has details of the training that will start Saturday, September 7 and run each Saturday through Saturday, October 5, 2019. This is a thorough training that will empower you to be an effective mediator. You will become a skilled conflict resolution agent in our community. Your new skills obtained in this training will benefit you in many areas of your life where conflict resolution abilities are a plus!!

    If you know someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please forward post to them. The justice center is always in need of more volunteers to help make our community a more peaceful place.

    The first step in becoming a volunteer mediator is completing our 40 hour Basic Mediation Training and Practicum program. The training that starts September 7 is being offered to you at no cost in exchange for a volunteer commitment.

    Please review the process regarding your next steps (in red) in that process.

    Here is the 6-step process for becoming an NJC Volunteer Mediator:

    1.       Please use the following link to complete your online application.

    Have you have expressed interest in becoming a Clark County Credentialed Mediator?, , the online application is the first step.

    2.       Schedule a 30 minute interview with an NJC Staff member (this includes a tour of our facility).

    Your interview will be scheduled after you complete the online application and before you attend the training. Included is a tour of the  Neighborhood Justice Center.

    If you agree to volunteer for client intake work, you will be trained to begin intakes right away.

    3.    During the interview, schedule yourself to observe a minimum of one mediation at the NJC no more than 30 days prior to the training start date. Observing an actual mediation beforehand is required and it gives you terrific insight to what you will be learning in the class.

    This step is completed during your Step 2 interview. The observation process and how you schedule to observe will be explained in the interview.

    4.      Be fingerprinted as part of a background check.
            Fingerprinting is done at no cost to you. It is conducted Monday-Friday 8:30am – 4:00 in 15 minute intervals. Please come to the interview   
            prepared to provide your top 3 time choices and I will contact HR to get you scheduled.

    5.       Attend the 40 hour training (attendance at all 5 weeks is required to complete this training):

    Please see the attached flyer for time and location information. This training is normally $1200 but is being offered to you at no cost in exchange for a volunteer commitment.

    6.    Complete a practicum that includes observing a minimum of two additional mediation sessions, co-mediating a minimum of four mediation sessions with a credentialed mediator and completing a credentialing process with an NJC staff member to confirm the quality of your skill set. Don’t worry and don’t be nervous, members of the NJC staff are with you along the way to ensure you are successful with developing your skills.

                    This step with be discussed further during the interview and during the training. Our training is designed to ensure your success. We look forward to celebrating your completion of the program and becoming a Clark County Credentialed Mediator.

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