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    Rana Goodman

    As the days go by, I am receiving more and more email and phone calls from families and friends that have experiences with health facilities and hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley. It appears that there is little to no over-site.

    However, this case is so beyond the pale, after a son, who, as the trustee in charge of his mother’s health care, had his instructions for full care, in restoring his mother’s health ignored by Desert Springs Hospital and the doctor who was assigned to care for his mother who was recovering from pneumonia.

    The doctor, without and discussion with the son, ordered a DNR for his mother, while another doctor at Desert Springs even made a statement in front of witnesses stating that the mother was using too much oxygen and they should “JUST LET HER DIE.” Which unfortunately, while medication and proper care was withheld, she passed on. 

    The son contacted several attorneys looking to file a “wrongful death suit” against Desert Springs Hospital and the doctor who ordered the DNR. The problem, he was told by the attorneys that there was a “cap on malpractice cases of $350,000” thus, the lawyers felt they would not be able to earn enough and therefor wouldn’t touch the case.

    One told the son that nothing illegal was done, thus the police would do nothing,  I certainly am not an attorney, but how can it be legal for a doctor to over-ride the person responsible for a patient’s health care?

    How awful it must be, trying to move on when a parent or any loved one is prematurely snatched from your life and there is no one who will assist in anyway to help bring you justice so you can move on!

    At the time my mother passed away her doctor was attentive and kind for all the days of her hospital stay. She conferred with me and my children on every step of her care and was even in the room with us at the end.

    In my mind, it is heartbreaking enough to suddenly loose a loved one, but knowing that the loss was due to something preventable, and running into a brick wall when seeking help, makes the situation that much more tragic.

    Notes from Eric, the son…..

    ON NOVEMBER 4, 2022, I filed a lawsuit as my own attorney before the statute of limitations ran out.

    On JANUARY 6, Judge Ellie Roohani decides on whether to grant an extension for an affidavit of merit.

    On JANUARY 10, another judge will hear the doctor’s motion to dismiss the case.

    It would be great to have that affidavit of merit, but those who issue it, won’t talk to me, as a non-lawyer, Any ideas that might help?

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