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    Rana Goodman

    What will $90,000 buy?

    That was approximately the cost quoted to the community just after the recent recall effort of several members of the SCA board of directors.

    I would like to look at the process, some of the inner happenings and the aftermath from what some may call a cynical view point, but having taken a small part… I prefer to call it a “birds eye view”.

    Early in the process word came from the accounting firm that there were not sufficient “valid resident votes” against board member Bob Burch for him to be considered in the recall.

    I was very curious as to what made those votes invalid. The claim was they were not property owners in Sun City Anthem.(SCA) I reached out to the resident who had requested the rejected list of names and asked if I might have a copy. I then took the list and sat with my coffee and pulled up the Clark County Assessor’s web site.

    After completing the first fifty-five names on the list and finding that fifty, yes, 50 out of the 55 were indeed owners in SCA, I found no need to search further, I felt I had proven my point, the accounting firm had not done this part of the job as a fiduciary would.

    I have worked with the Real Estate Division, known as NRED for many years since I am on the board of a non-profit group called NV. Homeowner Alliance. NRED is a government agency, or watchdog if you will, that oversees real estate agents and has a division that is supposed to assist and watch over HOAs. Our alliance was formed to help residents of HOAs with navigation of Nevada Revised Statutes and assist them with forms and such with NRED.

    That said, it was the most logical next step for me to pick up the phone and ask the new Ombudsman, Mr. Foger if I should file a complaint regarding the issues I felt were so very wrong with this recall effort. Problems starting with the way Nona Tobin was tossed off the board to this problem with the names I had in my possession. I was advised to go forward which I did, as did several other SCA residents.

    Suffice to say I was very pleased the day of the recall ballot count to see Mr. Foger at Anthem Center along with an investigator. That pleasure didn’t last long however when I noticed our board attorney Adam Clarkson, who in my opinion seeming to get very buddy, buddy with our ombudsman. Mr. Foger had told me just a few days before that “he never wanted it to appear there was any relationship between him and any individual over another.” Well what started to happen next certainly began to look that way.

    Notifications started coming that complaints that had been filed by several residents of SCA were all deemed “DENIED” by NRED no reason, just denied. Others, like the one I had attached 50 names, that were indeed listed on the property logs as owners, seems to have gone completely unacknowledged since August 2017 it is now February 2018.

    Is it interference by Adam Clarkson, who knows? All I do know is that he is the incoming president of the Nevada chapter of Community Association Institute, (CAI) the largest lobby group for community living in the United states. 90% of HOA boards are pressured (or convinced they should belong to this group “for the good of their community”. (During the five years I was president of the board of Whitney Ranch we did not belong and we had the most “resident friendly” community in the valley)……

    What I DO know is that there are many injustices in this world and it would be nice just to be able to fix a few of what is wrong with our tiny corner of it here in Sun City Anthem.

     I, like most of you LOVE this community BUT I have some big concerns with the controlling leadership of it. 90% of us came here to retire in peace and harmony yet it seems to have that peace we have to live outside of the recreation and amenities that are part and parcel of what SCA is all about and that hardly seems fair.

    If you don’t understand my meaning when you have time for a little heavy reading take a look at the community lifestyle’s CCG&Rs sometime…..

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