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    The theme of this poem is freedom. Freedom is something we enjoy, yet take for granted. My intent is to invoke thoughts of how valuable, yet fragile it is, and also for the reader to contemplate about boundaries too far. Is it going too far when an act does not cause tangible harm, but may cause grief or humiliation to the beliefs of others? If so, or not, I ask the question, why do it? The days of exploring are alive and well, but should not the days of conquering be over?


    Day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year,
    Event by event, never in dreams, do we expect to hear.
    We are suddenly shocked, although seldom surprised,
    When the worst of our fears, come to be realized.
    We see gruesome details, that give us all reason to cry,
    Then given time to pause, we all humbly wonder…Why?

    The glorified news of the day, carries an irresistible draw,
    A bigger question in media events, overshadows broken law.
    Freedom has become, for some it seems, a tool for ambition,
    More than ever before, freedom begs more clear definition.
    Is freedom so absolute, as to afford the room to lie,
    For pleasure, personal gain, crush the innocent…But Why?

    Ending lives in a theater, sudden fame, for an act insane,
    The mind of one is often known, before they spew the pain.
    But that pales in comparison, when the world becomes a stage,
    As hearts of many, are turned to spread the fire of rage.
    Some parts of the world behold an agenda, live as I, or die,
    While the best of minds, view the facts, but still wonder…Why?

    How important is satire, for humor of an offensive cartoon,
    If weighed against the innocent, sent to a death too soon.
    When we become a target, freedom is something we do defend,
    But, should it be a right, for any to religiously offend?
    Sticks and stones can break our bones, words never hurt…Lie!
    If a tongue with a stinger, can foster rumors of war…Why?

    Is freedom a right or privilege, or can it ever become a curse,
    When evil, greed, and need to succeed, breeds an unending thirst.
    Freedom to do as you wish, serves only you, at others’ expense,
    For belief is a freedom, if imposed, builds nothing but a fence.
    We fight, and we die, for freedom to do, say, and never deny,
    To all who give and earn, respect of belief, and know…Why.

    Captain Ron 65

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