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Why is SB417 A Gag Order?

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    Rana Goodman


    The above link will take you to the text on SB417, the bill I have referred to as Clarkson’s “gag-order” bill.

    The reason I have been calling it that is that most of the bill copies items that are already statute and are under the auspices of Nevada Real Estate Division (NRED). What this bill seeks, and have been accepted it seems by both houses, is the right for the HOA BOD and management to fine and penalize the resident or management for “bullying.” (would that be like exaggerating and “spinning text” to make a person ineligible to run for the board? You know like Adam Clarkson said about one  of our current candidates because she spoke out on behalf of the Villa owner’s unreasonable special assessment.

    She fought that and won the right to run.  or maybe it would compare to claiming another former board member of speaking inappropriately to a former staff member? That was until he challenged our BOD’s attorney on the truth  of that, and pointed out that, as a former member of law enforcement he knew he could not be blocked from running for that reason. Again, the attorney backed down.

    We will now be charged for any requested documents, be it on paper or electronic, “the full price, no limit like the 10 to 25 cents per page as is the case now. We can be sued for saying, publishing, “on social media or other means” and for filing complaints with NRED that management thinks fall under the auspices of “bullying.”

    If you want to speak your mid about an issue, or publish your thoughts on a blog or other media, doesn’t the constitution protect our right to do so, so long as you are telling the truth? I see nothing new in the parts of the law that make sense, other than the parts that, as I have said before, are more like a “GAG ORDER.” Please read the bill and let us know your thoughts.

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