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    Robert Stern

    Because of the financial irresponsibility of the current board I have argued that the deficit financing of the restaurant was not a sound financial decision. They don’t even have adequate internal controls in place to measure what the restaurant is actually costing homeowners. That was admitted by the CFO at the January meeting as she was suggesting changes and while that is good it shows the lack of competence to be ahead of the curve.

    So we need board members that are astute enough to protect homeowners financial positions. With the 25% actual cash increase in the 2023 Main Assessment and with the Main Reserves funded at 71 % with a new reserve study coming to impact the 2024 budget there will be continued financial pressure for more assessments.

    That is why I stated that you should not support any current board members seeking reelection. It is not guaranteed that new board candidates will be fiscally responsible either. The homeowners will have to vet them and decide.

    But of the current board members seeking reelection 2 of them are accused of and based on my personal knowledge guilty of code of conduct violations. Regardless of positions on issues it is my view that Paul Perlstein accused of slander and subjecting the HOA to a potential lawsuit and possibly a jury award because of his behavior does not deserve your vote. He did not represent homeowners best interests when he slandered me. He ought to resign but homeowners need to ask themselves if the HOA is better off without him on the board. Because by the homeowners rejecting him they can deescalate a potential costly suit. And if homeowners choose his reelection then perhaps homeowners don’t care about him putting the HOA at financial risk. Let the voters decide.

    Wendy Linow violated the code of conduct relating to a hearing as she was accused of witness tampering and the witness is on record of confirming the allegation.

    Barry Rubinson is not accused of any such misdeeds and despite his financial voting record his service is not blemished as his conduct is not questioned. For those that support his view of financial matters he certainly is a viable candidate worthy of reelection.

    Posted by: Robert Stern | February 05, 2023 at 09:37 AM
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    This restaurant conflict is now so disheartening that in my opinion, in order to save the Association the continual fighting back and forth, perhaps it might be best if Directors Paul Perlstein and Wendy Linow withdraw their names from reelection consideration.

    Regarding Mr. Stern, at this point, since it has now been decided that a restaurant (good or bad) will go forward, if both Perlstein and Linow would withdraw from consideration, might Mr. Stern also withdraw further comments and “let the cards fall as they will”?

    I don’t believe that any more be said from either side; that the only remaining decision will come from patronage of the Yorktown Grill.

    I also find it more then disheartening that the other blogger now refuses comment from Stern, yet allows others who have differing opinions from Stern, to continue to be allowed.

    Enough is now enough.


    How ironic it is to have another blogger throw stones of ethics at another when he himself, admitted to forgery of a judge’s signature and had his law license suspended as a result…

    …and for some reason, was never reinstated.

    I think it may be time that he retire from the blight he has brought to SCA by his constant and needless biased degradation of so many in our community over the years.

    We have a complete library of his support again and again for each and every restaurant that ever existed in the community, all of which failed miserably due to the incompetence and arrogance of those he strongly endorsed for Board positions over the years.

    I choose not to commence any “war of words” with this individual.

    He is not worth the effort and certainly if those look at his track record, one should consider that when it comes to a number of his endorsements…

    ”’Water seeks its own level.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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