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    Rana Goodman

    I know I have vented on numerous occasions about the obsessive restrictions and rules handed down by the Community Lifestyle Committee, (CLC) the group who, for the most part determines what SCA clubs can and cannot do.

    There comes a time however when club members need to take a stand and simply say, “give us a reason that makes sense for that rule before you try enforcing it.”  Don’t just say, “well, it has always been like that.”

    Let me give you a perfect example; There was a meeting 9/19/2017 where only club presidents and treasurers were invited. Many things were discussed but let us talk about the most foolish, in my mind anyway.

    SCA has about 60 chartered clubs at this point. Of these clubs, some are responsible for any pricey equipment that the members want and use until the time the club may fold. At that time, anything left, money, equipment, anything at all belongs to the association. For example, the Computer Club, WoodChips, Pool Players, Performing Arts, if they want tools, electronic toys, what have you, the club buys it and the cost is usually high.

    At the meeting, all were informed that there is a $50,000 cap (total for all clubs together) to retain at the end of each year. Any amount over that must be given to the association, unless it is earmarked for something special, in which case special permission must be given to hold onto that money. That is approximately $830.00 per club. The Entertainment Club could not even set up their first show with that amount left in the bank. When questioned about the rule, the reply was, “it has always been that way!”

     The next item is something that has been a thorn in my side for quite a few years….. I hesitate to mention this since I’m not sure if I might be alone in my feelings, however, since I have been involved in club life most of my life, I’m forging ahead and maybe you will chime in and offer your point of view.

    CLC strongly suggested that clubs would not have such a hard time getting new officers if they had a nominating committee. I belong to several clubs that use this system and disagree totally.

    I have found that people will not nominate from the floor when a nominating committee has chosen people that they would like for the new board. In one case, I resigned from a club where I had served four years in different positions on the board because of the way I was treated by the nominating committee… It felt more like a “tribunal” questioning me than women I had worked with for years. In those years, I never once saw a nomination from the floor and the club members numbered in the hundreds.

    What is missing from this community?

    I would love to see Sun City Anthem come together and turn back the clock several years to a friendlier SCA. We have lost the spirit of this community, lost the charm and fun. When did you last go into Anthem Center and get greeted by a smiling face, a warm group, a fun activity? Personally, I don’t recall…..

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