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    This poem is not about a particular location, but more about a particular place in life.
    It is about finding your direction in life. Sometimes, we do that early in life. Sometimes, we do that late in life, and sometimes, never at all.

    Captain Ron65

    In everyone’s life, there comes a moment, a day, a week, or even a year,
    When we find ourselves wondering why nothing ever seems to go right.
    Where is my niche, I’m spinning my wheels, and I have the feeling of fear,
    Every which way I turn, it turns out wrong, try as hard as I might.

    I wonder, God, can you instill within us, the presence of mind,
    To view the places we have been, and all the things we have done.
    While seeking purpose, through all the urges we have left behind,
    On an uncertain journey, to find a clear path… under the sun.

    A path where life flows from day to day, in harmony and bliss,
    Because everywhere you go, and almost everything you do,
    Seems to happen as it should, and it gets no better than this,
    Because you are happy where you are, and your God will be happy too.

    Is this a choice of yours alone, or where someone else wants you to go?
    This lingering question with an unfound answer, that we need to set us free.
    Be we keep on asking… and waiting… while we suffer blow after blow.
    Please, God, where on this earth… am I… supposed to be?

    Do you feel an urge to dedicate your life to have a successful career?
    You could immerse yourself in family and give nothing else a greater voice,
    Or would you sit in a tavern hour after hour, guzzling beer after beer?
    How hard should it be to make a decision, since we all have freedom of choice ?

    How about a dedicated life to country, to protect us all from freedom’s threats?
    Perhaps you would like to reach what you know, or do something brand new for mankind.
    But if you have no sense of direction, you will surely have a sense of regret,
    And you will find yourself in a ditch, getting farther… and farther… behind.

    We all need a sense of purpose, to give our lives a worthwhile meaning.
    Take all the knowledge you gather, study its wisdom, and search for the key.
    Why should the world not be better by your presence, no matter which way you are leaning?
    Enjoy the marvelous beauty of grace given life, once you solve the mystery of,
    Where… are you supposed… to be?

    If you think that it is more than making a decision for you, that may be right.
    The decision is only the first step, following through, takes the rest of your life.
    Struggle you will, progress only shows looking back, when you thought it’s not in sight.
    But losing your freedom would sting you far, far worse,
    Not only for you and others, and it cuts like a knife.

    Captain Ron 65

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