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What Type of Community Do We Live In?

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    Rana Goodman

    Over the last 17 years since I purchased my home here I have often mentioned that this is one of the most friendly communities I have ever lived in. I have made some really good friends and, when walking about always get a friendly wave, a toot of a car horn or other ways to just say HELLO NEIGHBOR. 

    On a rare occasion we find one or two “sour-puss” people who would rather be negative or sour in their attitude to any all that try to interact with them. I discussing this with a friend, the following was her reply. We would like to think that the majority who have chosen to retire here feel that way. 


    I’m sure we are all ready to 2020 to pass into history. Rana Goodman


       I often take walks around SCA,  sometimes with my two little Yorkies sometimes by myself  and  often with my daughter. What I’ve noticed is that everybody is friendly.

    Other  people with dogs stop for the dogs to greet each other,  people that you pass in the street, people sitting in front of their homes. Everyone of them  has a wave and smile and commenting on the beautiful weather we’re having and “how are you?” and all the friendly comments  any good neighbor would say to somebody else in their community.

    I have had folks stop at my front yard and we chat without even knowing each other’s names, and although we see lots of political signs. nobody asked if I was a Republican or Democrat. Nobody asked who I supported on the SCA Board or how I felt about things going on within the community. 

    It just shows me that mostly this is a peaceful and  loving community and there are just a few rotten apples. Bad enough that they are miserable and mean but what’s worse is they are only happy if they’re instigating controversy, turmoil and conflict. 
    Ignore the cancer and it will curl up and die without the notoriety it thrives on. 

    Liz Breier
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