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    Rana Goodman


    Stay up-to-date!   Visit the City of Henderson’s Outreach Calendar to stay up-to-date on the latest activities, info and happenings.

    When: Taking place now through 2017 — Henderson will be conducting research, identifying issues, recommending policy solutions, and developing an updated Comprehensive Plan by August 2017.

    Comprehensive Plan Adopted February 7, 2006

    For additional information, please visit http://www.hendersonstrong.org and/or contact the Community Development and Services Department at (702)267-1500 or email planner@cityofhenderson.com.

    Debra March, who served on the Henderson Planning Commission and is currently our councilwoman and candidate for Mayor, has explained it quite clearly by comparing it to the style of the design, living, shopping and lifestyle at the District in Green Valley.

    I have heard some of the candidates give the most bizarre definitions of this concept right down to stating that we will be forced to live in tiny cramped homes. After all, no one is “forced” to purchase a condominium or a home this is done because we chose to and many people seem to be opting for small and compact these days rather than space. Personally, the more space the better, but that is my preference.

     I certainly would not compare that to HUD housing or to being “forced to live in tiny boxed housing” as some of the candidates and residents here are claiming.

    If one were to look at the areas NOT in the Henderson planning areas, there are many popping upin this urban mode, downtown Las Vegas, Summerlin, and even the “tiny home trend” that seems to be sweeping the nation. None of these are HUD homes none are they, by any stretch of the imagination low income housing. As a matter of fact, they are quite costly.

    Before you rush to early voting for your mayoral candidate of choice may I suggest that you go to the debate at the Henderson Convention Center and ask your questions in person before you decide who has the facts and who is spouting fiction.

    Debra March has explained the program this way:

    “With regards to urban centers, we have one in Henderson right now at the District.  The District is a place where people can work, shop, dine and live all in one general area.  When the Inspirada Master Plan was initially proposed years ago, the Inspirada Town Center was proposed with a mix of commercial and residential uses to serve the residents of Inspirada and the surrounding areas.  That would meet the definition of an urban center.  Another example of an urban center in the Las Vegas Valley is Downtown Summerlin.  Again, Downtown Summerlin has similar opportunities to those you find at the District – shopping, working, dining and living.  Development in any part of Henderson will have to adhere to arguably the highest development standards in the Valley.  Developers often question why they have to provide more open space, and a higher level of design than they do in other jurisdictions.  Our answer is simple, our residents demand a higher quality of life and they realize a return in higher property values. 

    Urban centers are not synonymous with low income housing and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was not involved in the development of the City’s Comprehensive Plan.  Rather, the City’s Comprehensive Plan was based on community input and feedback that included residents, business professionals, non-profit and community leaders, as well educators.  When we listened to our residents, they told us they valued education, health and well being and parks and open spaces. In addition, the Henderson Strong Executive Summary cited, is a visionary document.  If any changes to the land use designation are proposed, any amendment to the current or future Comprehensive Plan will be subject to an extensive review process including an evaluation of the Henderson Development Code requirements as outlined in Chapter 19.6. Requirements would include a staff review, neighborhood meeting, traffic impact analysis, quarterly review pursuant to NRS 278.210, public hearing notice, director review and report, planning commission review and recommendation prior to City Council review and decision.


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