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    Robert Stern


    Help all of us by voting in this election for Pamela Williams (Ballot position #1) and Rick Ernest (Ballot position #2). Ballots mailed March 24. Our mission is to get a new board majority in two election cycles that will respect the rule of law and homeowners’ rights and to minimize assessments through prudent financial management. The current board has been fiscally irresponsible and abused their power. Please join hundreds of grass roots volunteers to get out the vote. We can do this, and it needs to be done. But it cannot happen without your support.
    VOTE ONLY FOR THESE TWO to ensure their election in 2023. And we will do it again in 2024 with your help as it takes 4 Directors for a board majority. Alert your friends and neighbors please. The change SCA needs starts now.

    The pocketbook you save may be your own.


    —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: robert stern <>
    To: Doris Logar <>
    Sent: Monday, March 13, 2023 at 10:05:22 AM PDT
    Subject: Re: NRS116.31035 2

    Ms. Logar… This is the typical stonewall approach that this Board and Management have taken with homeowners.

    If an official publication contains the views or opinions of the association, the executive board, a community manager or an officer, employee or agent of an association concerning an issue of official interest, the official publication must, upon request and under the same terms and conditions, provide equal space to opposing views and opinions of a unit s owner of the common-interest community.

    On Monday, March 13, 2023 at 09:29:11 AM PDT, Doris Logar <> wrote:
    Hi Mr. Stern,

    The Association’s Eblast does not trigger a homeowner’s reciprocal right to respond to the Eblast pursuant to either NRS 116.31035 and the Association’s Publication and Decorum Policy.
    Thank you,

    Doris Logar, CAM, SCM, CMCA | Sun City Anthem

    Community Association Manager

    A printed copy of the request was delivered to the Membership office Saturday 3/11/23.

    In accordance with the above reference as required please publish this in Chronicles prior to March 24 when the ballots are mailed.

    I got a very intolerant email from a homeowner who insisted I got it wrong after reading the March 6 SCA Chronicles Blast and if I wanted to hear the truth listen to Mike Quinn’s (SCA Finance Committee Member) video where he explains the Reserves and 2023 Reserve Study and Financial Statements. I listened and Mike was a fine speaker and funny and as a fellow Armor Officer I do not question his integrity at all. But I do question his presentation and the March 6 Chronicles message from the Board of Directors as in this case there is an opposing view. This response under NRS116.31035 2 sets the record straight. Management has a duty to print it.
    Mike accurately describes SCA’s Financial Statement Preparation and Distribution Policy but totally misses the point as did Chronicles.
    1. As a former CPA, CFO, President of a company and business advisor on operations my point is that with financial statements it is important that they are accurate, monthly and with variance analysis against budget and previous years and in context with Year-to-Date projections to provide the necessary detail to effectively manage the business. And the current CFO and reporting mechanisms are deficient as accepted variance analysis is absent. Yes, monthly statements are prepared and only given to the board quarterly for approval and upon approval posted on website. So, January through March perhaps presented to Board at April meeting and then posted thereafter. Not a good policy for managerial control nor transparency.
    2. And the second point is Mike said you could go to finance committee monthly meeting if you are that interested and still the variance analysis would not be available, and attending is a burden homeowners should not have to bear. Post it. Mike also said that you could fill out and submit a request for each Month with the office. While Mike is probably operating under that belief there are examples that such requests are routinely denied as management is waiting for the Board to approve. Result: Dysfunction and homeowners in the dark. It’s a stall as there are not examples of the board disapproving any financial statement. Answer: Post them immediately together with accurate variance analysis to accompany them.


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