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Update on The Restaurant from 3/22 Board Meeting

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    Rana Goodman

    On the day of the SCA board meeting I reported what had been forwarded to me regarding an “new rule” that had been told to a club by our GM, Sandy Seddon the day before. It seems that rule spread like wild fire, since it was the first utterance of Ms. Seddon’s management report at the board meeting.

    While waiting for resident comment I sent an email from my phone to my source asking him to get a comment from the club members who heard Ms. Seddon make that statement. It seems any reply won’t come fast enough to protect y reporting back to you from the “knuckle rapping” of another blogger who thinks I need a hearing aid to pay more attention to what the GM says.

    The only reason I mention that tid-bit is because comments made by others at the board meeting seemed to fall into the abyss because, as we all should know by now, the board will do what they will do no matter what we resident’s say… in my opinion. For example;

    Tom Nissen, while selling his thoughts on the restaurant said the majority of the residents at the workshop wanted the restaurant, were fine with a subsidy and getting the 3,500 plus signatures to authorize another use was impossible. I suggested that since the new issue of the Spirit was due out shortly, what was the harm in enclosing a one page flyer asking for a resident vote that would go to all 1,144 homes. AT LEAST GIVE THE RESIDENTS A VOICE… If they respond, fine, if not, the we tried.. I said, “is that request too much to ask of the board? Then I said Bob Burch, you said you don’t agree with a subsidy, yet the tenant you all seem to like is G2G, he wants $1 per year, no utilities, exclusivity from clubs.. THAT is a huge subsidy!

    That was totally ignored….. There will be exclusivity in ALL THREE BUILDINGS.. That means if the price quoted to a club is not affordable, the club will have to leave OUR venue and go off campus, or have pot-luck.

    I wonder what safe guard will be put in place for food quality, price structure, etc. I am very concerned if we are stuck with a venue and literally chained to their use, assuming we wish to stay in OUR facility, what protection will be in place for us???? 

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