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    With every new soul, born into the world,
    A life set in motion, a journey unfurled.
    To each one is given, a collection of tools,
    To walk in honor, or wallow with fools.

    Every individual, will possess a gift to use,
    To enhance the world, or neglect it and lose.
    To be gifted is not a right, we are not entitled,
    A gift is meant to be used, not forsaken and idled.

    For each who is gifted, all humanity is blessed,
    By what they can do, like none of the rest.
    The heartbreak of gifts, is one unwisely used,
    By someone unworthy, of the gift they abuse.

    No gift is evil of itself, or a cause for falling,
    It’s a labor of love, if we answer its calling.
    The world is enriched, by the privilege of many,
    Who do their level best, with abilities so uncanny.

    An instinct to create, is an artist’s will to live,
    The talent they are given, is the gift they have to give.
    Their gift belongs to all, they are gifted duty bound,
    With a sense of purpose, and driven thoughts abound.

    The world of wondrous art, takes us to a place on high,
    For a view of utter beauty, or bring us down to cry.
    For some, it is a gift of service, where beauty matters none,
    And their service carries on, until life on earth is done.

    We pay our humble thanks, to where the gift has come,
    Sadly, that undeserving grace, may not be used by some.
    The great responsibility, is to use the gift received,
    To cultivate and share, to all whose faith in you believed.

    So, whom of us is gifted, it’s certain, one and all we are,
    Whether we chart the heavens, or simply wish upon a star.
    Entrusted with the power of good, dare not let it drift,
    Because the gift of honor, is simply…”to honor the gift.”

    I have never had the opportunity for formal instruction in any kind of writing. I decided that the composition is far less important than the value of the message. I value my gift and highly appreciate the time you take to read what I write. My message to all is to never allow what you cannot do, to become an excuse not to do the things you can.

    CaptainRon 65

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