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    Rana Goodman

    Several years ago my computer was hacked by one of those Ransom scams so I called on an old friend who was extremely computer savvy to “save my stuff.” He was able to retrieve some, but most importantly, he warned me never to click links from people I didn’t know.

    Now skip ahead to several weeks ago when I received an email from a bank where I have a checking and savings account. The note said  “Since you have not used your on-line banking in more than two years we must up-date your information. Please click the link below to up date or we will need to freeze your account.

    I had received scam emails from this bank before, which is why I refuse to use on-line banking, needless to say I deleted the email and moved on.

    Skip ahead another week, its almost the first and I was ready to pay some bills. Like I often to at the beginning of the month I ventured out to the bank to make a transfer from my savings to checking. After arriving at the bank and handing the account number to the teller I asked to make the transfer.

    After a few seconds the teller said “hmmmm I’m so sorry but that account seems to be frozen.” “WHAT, WHY” I demanded and as she began to explain I remembered that email. The young lady handed me a phone number and told me to use the phone on the other side of the room and someone would be happy to fix the problem.

    I asked the young man who offered his help why the bank would do such a thing and sure enough he told me it was because I didn’t respond to their request that I up-date my information. I must admit that I was quite indignant as I replied that it should be my option to use on-line services or not, my option was NOT!

    Long story short, the issue was solved in a few moments but the moral is, if faced with an email like mine, don’t click the link, pick up the phone or go to the sender and confirm that this was or was not a legitimate email. Had I not needed to add money to the account after mailing some checks I would have had them bouncing all over town.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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