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There is Catering, but Then, What is Catering?

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    Rana Goodman

    There is Catering, but Then, What is Catering?

    Some time ago, when the topic of having a restaurant once again in Anthem Center, the topic of catering was discussed and the question of special types of food, for example ethnic dishes was brought up. If my memory serves me correctly, the comment from the board was that the restaurant would do their best to provide clubs with them.

    Under the new “edicts” from the board, no food or drink items could now be brought into Anthem Center unless it was purchased from the restaurant. While I agree in part with that, I must point out several things.

    For those of us who carry water, coffee or other drinks with them, buying a bottle of water at the gym or bringing a cup of coffee from home is NOT catering! Bringing cup cakes or cookies for the table at a card game, is NOT catering!  Carrying sweets in one’s purse to bump up blood sugar when needed, is NOT catering! If a diabetic resident carried something sugar free as a snack, is NOT catering, sometimes it is a necessity!

    Several “eons” ago, when the “no outside catering” was our HOA law, some of the clubs were not able to pay the price of the restaurant to cater their party, thus…… the party was held “off campus.” Sometime at other restaurants, someone’s home, or at Liberty Center. Any way you look at it, a revenue loss to the in-house restaurant.

    The comment from the board that the new rule “will not be enforced,” if TRUE, then the legal fees for drafting the rule from BOD attorney, Adam Clarkson was a total waste of money.

    Finally, while I am, once again stating my opinion,  why make rules you don’t intend to enforce? and why didn’t our “brilliant” attorney advise the BOD with his wisdom (sometimes known as advice) before writing such a community unfriendly rulein the first place.

    Craig S Smith

    I was a proponent of the restaurant.  Due to health reasons I have only eaten there once.  I liked the food and happy we have a nice restaurant.  Unfortunately, the catering arm is not going so well.  The cost to host a large club event at Anthem Center is quite high.  Most of the Clubs are not capable of charging up to $55.00 a head.  So they subsidsize with Club funds.  This means Clubs will need to increase dues.  This will probably lead to fewer Club parties in the future.  Did I mention that they charge 22% service/gratuity?  Inflation?????

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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