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    Dan Roberts

    As debate heats up concerning my Rana’s status as President of the SCA Board of Directors, I think it is relevant to post what has transpired over the last week. Perhaps this can partially explain what is happening and what will happen this week.

    Below is the FYI email sent to Rana by fellow Board of Director Wendy Linow containing the email by the “other blogger.”

    I have two questions for you as you read this, and I would welcome readers’ input

    1. What do you think about Rana receiving this message as she was heading (literally) to St. Rose Hospital for spinal surgery? Do you think it was?:

    a. Informative

    b. Coincidental or

    c. Appalling

    2. And reading the last sentence from the “other blogger” what do you think matters more to him?

    a. Sun City Anthem or

    b. his petty personal grievances

    Kind of makes you wonder who is pulling the strings in our community?
    October 8, 2020



    ——— Forwarded message ———
    From: David Berman
    Date: Thu, Oct 8, 2020, 12:29 AM
    Subject: FYI
    To: Wendy Linow

    Dear Wendy:

    I had a meeting Wednesday morning with the attorney who handled my successful defamation lawsuit against a SCA resident.

    Here is what is probably going to happen next.

    I will be publishing a series of articles about Dan Roberts and his past. Because everything in the articles will be absolutely true, including legal documents and court records, they will not be defamatory in any way.

    Both an internal SCA complaint and an Ombudsman Intervention Affidavit will be prepared and submitted, alleging that Rana Goodman, because she is a director and president of the Board, violated a specific provision of our governing documents by allowing use of her blog to attack members of the community.

    In addition, in light of Rana’s apology letter to Jim Coleman in which she acknowledges making certain errors and apologizes for them, a specific provision of the Settlement Agreement is being examined to determine if allowing the use of her blog to attack the agreement and the work of the Community Lifestyle Committee has resulted in abrogation of the Settlement Agreement as the lawyer may determine.

    After the Association incurred thousands of dollars in expenses to resolve the AAHC dispute, I lament the fact that more expenses may be inevitable.

    This didn’t have to happen. Dan Roberts could have published the exact same attacks on a blog other than Rana’s blog, and he would have been within his free-speech rights to do so. But because his articles are being published on a blog owned or controlled by a director, specifically the Board President, therein lies the problem and the brewing crisis.

    I have done my homework regarding Rana’s variety of health issues, and I could think of no better outcome than for her to leave the Board for health reasons, especially since she is in the latter stages of her term. Such an outcome would also bolster the plans I had, but have temporarily put on hold due to my anger over this matter, to aggressively support her worthy campaign against a “bad” judge running for reelection despite his culpability in the guardianship abuses that Rana has worked so hard to overcome. I was eager to reach my 4,000 readers with that message, but now I am hesitating because a dog or other pet can only be kicked so many times before it becomes less loving.

    I write from the heart, and I am not telling you what to do with this message. Use your own judgment, but I felt I needed to tell someone what is going on as the result of Mr. Roberts’ out-of-the-blue commentaries that now threaten to tear apart the matter that I thought all the involved parties had finally put behind us for the good of our beloved community. This is a time to think of SUN CITY ANTHEM, not our petty personal grievances.








    berman is a sad little man who continues to meddle in matters that shouldn’t concern him. Apparently no comment from Linow as to this berman email. I suspect Pope and other directors received the same.

    I continue to hope Rana’s health is improving; further I hope Rana retains counsel to fight any Board actions do outside influences.

    I am ready to help if any is needed.

    Peter Brown

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