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    What if all we have done and all that we’ve said,
    Was held by all others to a standard one and the same.
    Would the recognition garner a round of applause?
    Or more often than not, a pointed finger of blame.
    If the measure of what we truly are, is only what’s perceived,
    All the world would know our hearts and have more than a hint,
    For then would all the world know us and have perfect insight
    Of everything that defines us, because it is based on our intent.

    From beginning to end we all know what we really are.
    We know everything we do and we do it for a reason.
    If we put on a face of deceit and carry a hidden agenda,
    A cultivated image can never last, but only for a season.
    Once in the open the picture becomes clear and leaves a print,
    The Genie will not fit the bottle, it’s now out in the open.
    The leopard shows its spots, public eye now knows the intent.

    Lie 1000 times, get caught once, and you’re known as a liar.
    What is real will shine through just as heaven’s brightest star.
    Steal 1000 times, get caught once, and you’re known as a thief.
    No matter what you do, you are known for what you are.
    The face of our true soul takes time for everyone to see.
    We are creatures of habit, we soon show what we meant.
    So, who fools themselves into thinking they keep it a secret,
    If we stop to think it over, we become known for our intent.

    If all we need is to shed that concept of Me, Myself, and I,
    And the greatest enemy we have may come from within,
    It’s not that hard to employ the rule of gold we all know well,
    One that matters how we treat others and do it with a grin.
    What other thing on the face of this earth is higher in value,
    Than those things deep within you not worth one red cent,
    When love and respect need only be given to be deserved,
    And the most valuable thing you possess is genuine intent.

    Captain Ron 65

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