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    The following is my opinion on a subject that is important to all homeowners.

    I began to put this editorial together earlier this week and then felt that I should go to the BOD meeting which was yesterday, and see if the board was still as dysfunctional as before now that some members were leaving after the elections results are revealed.  I can now say without reservation, that the mantra demonstrated yesterday only further supports the belief of many that this board, as well as one of the standing committees which functions like a freight train jumping the tracks, is on a very destructive path regarding honest and fair governance in Sun City Anthem.

    With the advent of at least three new board members to be announced after counting the ballots next week, (the fourth one will be a repeat) I feel that it is time to give credit to the current board members for their accomplishments.

    1.   The current board has earned the title of being the most dysfunctional board in the history of our association.

    2.    Some members of the board had isolated several of their fellow board members with secret meetings without them present.

    3.    They have tightened the noose around the necks of clubs in this association with many inane rules that absolutely make little sense other than that they feel they can.  There was no effort made by the CLC committee to have open discussions with all the clubs to receive input regarding the proposed changes before asking the board to pass them

    4.     The board has continued to disenfranchise homeowners on a day to day basis, by making decisions which negatively impact the members of this community.

    5.     They, with their actions, have reached the threshold to qualify as candidates for “The HOA Hall of Shame”.  If they succeed, they will surpass a previous board president who made the news with that title and this board’s actions will make his shameful conduct look like a “choir boy” in comparison. 

    6.     The have allowed some homeowners to be dismissed who were working here part time and counting on that small income to help pay their bills.  They have been replaced with more employees that have reached the total number to add to our expenses with mandatory benefits.  Since the majority of homeowners receive social security and live on that, why would the board gives pay raises at a percentage far above what we get on social security?

    7.     They have demonstrated their incompetency with creating totally idiotic contracts which have hurt this association financially.

    8.     They did announce the “changing of the guard” in reference to getting rid of John Leach as the association attorney and hired a new firm.  The question is, did they put this firm on a retainer contract to lessen expenses or are we going to be charged once again when a board member calls indiscriminately continually racking up bills?

    9.     They have continuously ignored seeking expertise from within our community on issues far above the board members’ limited collective skills.

    10.    When the board needed to add money to the reserve fund, due to the expense of repairing Liberty Center, they chose to increase our annual dues, instead of a one-time assessment.  It would have cost approximately $150.00 per household to add the million dollars to the reserve fund.  Because of the increase we now have to pay in perpetuity the cost of the repairs.  Remember, we were told our operating costs had not increased.  Just another bad financial decision among many made by this board.

    This board, as with previous boards, instead of looking back and correcting deficiencies and mistakes, is so full of themselves, that they only compound the mistakes and problems that confront the association.  Their egos, which have reached astronomical proportions, are fueled on pure arrogance and selfishness.

    Hopefully, if at least three new candidates become board members next week, it may well bring hope to this community to begin to turn things around.  But, as you all know, we have been fooled many times before with empty candidate promises. 

    On this web site, Anthem Today, is a forum called Expressions.  One of our readers and friends has created a poem which pinpoints the ongoing problems homeowners have and still are facing with the disintegrating governance we are experiencing.  It is called, “WHAT’S MINE IS MINE AND WHAT’S YOURS IS MINE”.  It clearly spells out why we are having the problems in this association.  It was written with SCA in mind, although it can apply to other life situations.   

    Martin Winger

    This is simple…this community NEEDS Ms. Tobin’s life experiences to bring the correct management operations it needs.  She, among all the others has demonstrated that she has all the experiences needed to manage this community like none of the others, in spite of them wanting to try to do the job.


    Best of luck to both this community and to her.  She’ll need us to back her when necessary.

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